One-On-One Multiple Income Business Training

 Digitz Business Solutions Ltd Boldly Declares…

Give us just few hours of your time in a One-On-One session and we will open your eyes to highly profitable, tried and tested  businesses you can do that will turn your financial situation around and help you create multiple sources of income, for real!

Let’s show you how to have at least 3 sure sources of income so you never have to worry about job security, unemployment or lack. Bring in nice profit the remaining part of 2010 and enter 2011 in grand style, living the life of your dreams!

If You Do Not Make Money Within 30 Days, We'll Refund Your Money In FULL!

Dear Friend,
Let me humbly introduce myself  to you. My name is Kemi Adeyemi, I’m a woman of many parts, the CEO Digitz Business Solutions Ltd, a company that focuses on demystifying business, revealing profits! We believe that it's not enough to be in business, what is more important is to be in business and make consistent profit for real and our job is to show you how. We specialize in simplifying business without undermining professionalism. We are into Import, Export, E-Business and lots more.  Simply put WE DO BUSINESS RIGHT!

I’m also an Author, Speaker, Business Coach, Consultant and I’ve written several published articles for different magazines like Winning Attitudes, Wealth Platform, Money Matters magazine to mention a few.

Are you  sick and tired of  the mind numbing routine of waking up early to a job you probably don’t like, wading through heavy traffic, getting back home pretty late after a hard day’s work, tired, frustrated and spent?! Are you  tired of unemployment, poverty lack and deprivation?  Do you need MULTIPLE sources of income so you can make consistent profit and have zero financial worries?

There is no better time to consider an alternative income source (to create multiple streams of income for yourself) than now. This is a period the economy is biting real hard all over the world and Nigeria is no exception. Unemployment rate keeps increasing, people are losing jobs, from banker to baker, clerks to cleaners! Yet in all these some people keep doing business, having more than enough to do, making consistent profit!

Do you want to be left out? I bet you don’t want to be! So if you are really serious about changing your finance story and ready to start making money then I’ve got news for you! The good news is you are in the right place, welcome to solution, welcome to profit! Just spare few minutes with me as you read on, I respect your time so I am promising you this sure won’t be a waste of time rather it will mark a turning point for good. In addition you are getting a FREE gift from me just for coming to this site. Please read on.

Let me share some of my business exploit story with you...

Travel-Free Import Business (1)

Import for me started when I decided to import laptops, then I couldn’t afford to import a container load so I imported just ten and had it delivered to me here in Nigeria from UK. I didn’t have to travel out to get that done. I would have imported just one if that was all I could afford, it’s a flexible business system. Before buying at all I had already figured out how to sell and sell really fast! That’s why in my ebook and manual titled “HOW TO START AN IMPORT BUSINESS WITH OR WITHOUT TRAVELLING” part of what I teach is ‘don’t bring in goods without first knowing how to sell them. First discover a ready market and supply into it.’ 

I practice what I preach so I applied it and in less than 24hours I had sold all with demand for more! Did I profit? Of course I made a profit of  almost N200,000 on a transaction that took just 10 days in total from start to finish, UK to Nigeria. Now imagine if you are able to make a profit of N200,000 or more every 10 days, that translate to N600k every month. Even if you don’t have much money you also have the option of bringing in cheaper goods with great  demand and good margin. The important thing is anyone can start small and grow big with time, cut your coat according to your material but by all means start!

OPM Success Story
 Long before I had capital to do my own business, I did well in helping others make good profit on their capital. I saw loads of opportunity to make money but didn’t really have money back then yet I was surrounded by people who had millions (civil servants who just got paid off by FG) and didn’t even have a clue as to how to make it generate profit. Most of them have never done any business or investment before. I became an automatic finance coach advising them on how they can multiply their capital, make some good profit.

To cut a long story short, rather than take the big leap themselves they handed their millions to me and asked me to invest for them. The result: I made millions in profit for them. I was 100% transparent and didn’t hold nothing back. In return I got plenty thank you, goodwill and prayers. They all didn’t give me any money because they assumed I must have made something for myself too. Since they were friends and senior colleagues I assumed they were going to be impressed and they will “settle.” I was very wrong. I learnt a BIG business lesson from that and moved on. My only joy was the success story of profit, the testimony of good result and the fact that in this same Nigeria of various 419 stories I had built a reputation and high level of integrity such that people could leave their millions with me without fear of  getting swindled! Today God has blessed me, I make my own profit and I control my own millions.

I have been doing business online in the last six years and it has been insightful, interesting, challenging and profitable. There’s alot to talk about, alot to share. I remember once my neighbour came into my room, I was online checking how much dollars I had made. She saw my account and was shocked. She told me though she had heard before that it was possible she never really believed. To see it happening right under her nose with evidence to show is amazing to say the least! The truth is till this minute there are Nigerians like you making LEGITIMATE Dollars and Euro online. Knowledge is power, information makes the difference!

Export (Large Scale)
I ventured into export due to deep seated interest. For so long in my life I had desired to become an exporter but didn’t have a clue. Because my desire remained intact, with some action, I soon figured it out. I got some free information, paid hundreds of thousand for some vital information and a good part of the knowledge came through practical cum execution. I have since shipped several containers of  charcoal outside the country, made cool profit of between N180,000- 250,000 per container ie when I send 4 containers I make profit of  N800,000 average within a period of 6 weeks in all. I have also helped some of my clients to achieve the same result.

Export (Small Scale)

This is a very simple and easy to duplicate business model, I got someone to make lovely beads for me here in Nigeria, sent it to London, sold and made some cool pounds. Note, I didn’t make the beads and I didn’t have to travel down to London yet I made money!

Zero Capital Business
If you are reading right now and you are thinking you don’t have any money that can serve as capital in business then this my next true life business story is for you. I implemented these method years back when we were owed salary in my place of work. Then I was still an employee who depended on monthly salary. When it was obvious that nothing was forthcoming I decided to think my way out of the problem. Before then I had made some discoveries that I was sure other people would be interested in so much so they will be willing to pay me in exchange for the information I had. So I decided for the first time to do INFORMATION MARKETING. I charged just N1000 initially and later increased the price to N2000 and within a short period I made N100,000 with over 90% of it as profit! Because I had other sources of income I didn’t even pay much attention to it. Over the years this same zero capital business has made so many people millionaires in Nigeria and all over the world.

Travel-Free Import Business (2)
Import business can be done either small scale or on a large scale. I started on a small scale and gradually moved to a large scale where I bring in container load of goods, yet in all of these I’m still growing. I now import cars and make profit of 25%-40%  with a solid business strategy that ensures I’m able to sell off as soon as my goods land. I am someone that doesn’t have the patience to wait forever hoping that customers will locate me. No way! As usual I fashioned out a way to sell off really fast, with potential buyers on standby even before the container arrives the country. And it has been really rewarding with profit of N2million or more on each container!

I can go on and on sharing my business experience with you despite the challenging business climate in Nigeria, to let you know you can make it big legitimately in this country if you make that choice today. Of course I’ve had my fair share of challenges here and there but with God I’ve been able to fashion out ways of  succeeding and excelling in business as a Nigerian. And I’m very much willing to share from my wealth of experience, for a limited period, to just 50 people that will respond to this one-on-one training.

How To Create Multiple Income Sources Doing Highly Profitable, Tried and Tested Businesses
Discover Wealth Creation Strategies That Shows You How To Make At Least N200,000 Per Month Even If You Go For The Zero Capital Method

Digitz Business Solutions Ltd (RC 858554)
Office: 67, Awolowo Way Ikeja
Policy: 1st come, 1st served
Time: 9 AM - 5 PM
Tel: 08181411557
 Wanted: Only 50 Nigerians, No more! 

A glimpse into what you will learn….

How To Create 3 Sure Sources Of Income And Start Making Profit In The Next
               30 Days or Less Even On A Shoestring Budget!

How To Become A Trained And Licensed Exporter With Ease

Discover How To Start An IMPORT Business Of Your Own With or Without
               Traveling, even on a small budget and make huge profit for sure!

Learn How To Start Small, Grow Big and Profit More in Business

E-Business Success Secrets

10 Ways To Make Good Money From Writing, Secret Of How To Still Profit
                Even When You Don’t Feel Like Writing A Single Word

8 Ways To Earn Passive Income Online

Discover how to build your own business empire legitimately

Zero Capital Business: using what you know to get what you want

Wealth Creation Strategies That Work

How To Create A Buzz Around Your Business and Fatten Your Bank Account

Time Management And Wealth Creation

Question and Answer Session  and lots more…


Bonus! Bonus! Bonus!

Super Exclusive Bonus 1:
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Super Excusive Bonus 2:
My Personal Business Critique [ Value: N55,000 ]
Here's what my personal business critique means. After you start your business, I will take a look at your business and advise you on what to add and remove. I will do this until you start profiting.

Super Exclusive Bonus 3:
You Become My Joint Venture Partner [Value: N100,000]
I will make you a co-owner of one of my products. That means that any money we make on it, we share it 50-50. If I make Two Million Naira from it, that means you pocket One Million.

Super Exclusive Bonus 4:
A free copy of the life changing book THINK AND GROW RICH

Super Exclusive Bonus 5:
A free copy of 10 Cash Flow Strategies For a Successful Business

Super Exclusive Bonus 6:
A free copy of Instant Info Riches: Little Known Ways To Get Rich From Information Products

So how much will it cost you to be part of this life changing opportunity?
I'm sure you're eager to know. I'll tell you, but first, I want to point out certain things to you.

-  You'll be learning first hand from a respected and highly sought after business consultant
-  Enjoy good follow up to ensure you succeed with your business
-  I normally charge N40,000 per hour as speaking fees.
-  I normally charge N100,000 as one on one training fees
-  The value of the bonus you will be getting is more than N155,000

So how much do you think is a reasonable fee?
Do you think it should be N200,000?  No, I won't charge that much.
How about N100,000 only? No, I still won't charge that much, at least not today!

As a matter of fact for just 50 Nigerians I will be charging an unbelievable fee of N10,000 only for the first 20.

Subsequently I’ll charge N20,000 and once the 50 is complete no more. Even if you come begging with double the training fee the door would have been closed till further notice.

Why is the price so low?

The idea is not to get the rich richer but to expose solid tried and tested business models that can help anybody either rich or people that are not too financially buoyant to succeed legitimately in Nigeria. With a price like this we hope to encourage that discouraged man out there to come for our business training and be empowered for real!

Call to book an instant appointment, make payment and come to our office on the day of the training with your deposit slip.

Bank: Oceanic Bank Plc
Amount N10,000
Account no: 2081101006066
Account name: Digitz Business Solutions Ltd

Send an email to with the following information:
Name, Branch Paid Into, Amount Paid, Deposit Slip Number, Date of Payment, Telephone Number and ALL necessary information you think will assist us.
Once payment is confirmed, it's then up to you to show up on the training day.

Can't Attend?
If  for some reason you can't be part of the training, maybe you  reside outside Lagos, would rather opt for a manual or ebook version of the training simply  send an email to with the subject CAN'T ATTEND BUT INTERESTED.

This is your opportunity to create Multiple Income Sources, build a business empire and make millions with ease! Don't watch others as they continue to make money. It's your time to claim your share of this multi billion naira empire.

Make sure you are among the lucky 50.
Take action today before it's too late.

Yours In Business,
Kemi Adeyemi
CEO Digitz Business Solutions Ltd

PS: If you have any questions for me, you can call me on 08181411557. I'll be glad to speak with you.