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How To Make Big Profit In Export For Real!

Discover how to become an exporter and succeed at what you do

Make legitimate profit every month

Discover how to start small and grow big

Join Export Leverage Club(ELC) and become an exporter even when your capital is small

For these and more


Dear potential Importer-Exporter,

My name is Kemi Adeyemi and I’m the CEO of Digitz Business Solutions Ltd, a company that focuses on demystifying business and revealing profits, real profits, sure profits! I’m inviting you to become a part of a 2 in1 Import/Export Seminar on 22nd May 2010 and change your financial story forever just like I’ve done and I’m still doing.

Come take advantage of the many opportunities that exist in the non-oil export sector and rake in profit every single month. Not only that, discover how you can start a homebased import business of your own without necessarily travelling out of the country. You save money that you would have spent on visa, ticket, hotel bills and more and increase profit.

What’s more? This is a business you can start small and grow big doing and even when you lack capital there’s still a way you can strategically make good profit with no risk at all.

Let me walk you through all that you will benefit by attending this impactful seminar:

Become A Trained And Licensed Exporter With Ease
>Discover export success strategies and make sure profit for real!

>Discover how you can successfully profit from exporting to Europe, America and Asia
>Learn how to start small, grow big and profit more
>Also learn how to make more millions where capital is not a problem
>Get a chance to become a member of Export Leverage Club (ELC) and leverage your way to wealth doing business with nations!


* Make consistent profit for the rest of your life
* Make money in foreign currency
* Boost your statement of account
* Enjoy short turnaround period
* Good ROI
* Take charge of your life, your finances and time and live the life of your dreams
* Learn how to avoid certain pitfalls in export business
* Join Export Leverage Club (ELC) and enjoy good leverage in export, better and faster performance which translates to more profit!

Discover how to start an IMPORT business of your own with or without travelling, even on a small budget and make huge profit for sure!

You will discover:

How to start small, grow big and even triple your profit fast!
How to raise capital to start
Where to find ready buyers and sell off quickly
Winning strategies that ensures you never make a loss!
How to run your import business with the greatest of ease
How to access China Market, US, UK, Dubai, Germany and profit maximally!
How to access business leverage that will ensure you achieve more for less
How to make more millions if you already have millions as capital
How to start small and end up a millionaire within a short period doing legitimate importation business without defrauding anyone
How you can place order from the comfort of your home and have your goods delivered here in Nigeria for sure.
How to send your money on errand and get quality goods delivered
How you can sell off your goods in 24hours and make neat profit!

And lots more…

No limit to how much you can make in a month doing export and/or import.
This will surely be the best money making discovery you’ve ever made!
Be part of these 2 in 1 life changing, destiny transforming seminar and start making the kind of profit that ends lack forever! This is no joke, it’s 100% raw, undiluted, highly concentrated pure reality!

Free After Seminar Support, we won’t leave you stranded and confused, no way! You will have access to follow up and support, we’ll be there to guide you until you succeed in export or import.

Only 30 seats available secure your seat fast, once the hall is full no more! Even if you come with double the seminar fee it won’t be accepted.

For payments before seminar day
Fee: N8,000 only, 20% discount.

Bank: Oceanic Bank Plc
Amount: N10,000
Account no: 2081101006066
Account name: Digitz Business Solutions Ltd

Come to the venue with your bank teller.

For Payments at the venue:

Fee: N10,000 only
The first 5 will get 20% discount each

Venue: 67 Awolowo way opposite Olowu Junction, Ikeja, Lagos

Time: 10 A.M prompt

For further enquiry:

Call  0803 379 2673 OR 0818 141 1557

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