How To Start An Import Business Of Your Own With Or Without Traveling.

Import business is big business with good opportunity to make nice profit consistently. It’s all about bringing goods into the country yet not just bringing goods but actually bringing goods that are needed. There are so many things you can bring but it all depends on whether there is a market for it or not. Contrary to what people do, they bring in the goods first and then start looking for buyers, it is advisable that you first locate a ready market before going ahead to supply into that market. Locate a hot in demand product before going ahead to order so that selling will be easier and faster.

Let’s Go Step By Step

1. Discover a hot in demand product
2. Draw A Budget
3. Where to get the product
4. Place order and import
5. How To Sell
6. Repeat the process
7. Create Import Streams Of Income

Discover a hot in demand product
Don’t just bring goods in rather first be on the lookout for goods that anytime anyday they will sell. Also focus on the present trend in the country and observe what people are buying. You can narrow your search by focusing on sector by sector, you know find a niche product. Another thing to seriously consider before importing is price, ‘see’ your profit before importing.

Draw A Budget
Determine your financial strength and decide on how much you are willing to start with. The truth is the kind of money you have access to will determine how you can start, the extent you can go for a start. That’s why I said with or without traveling you can start an import business even on a shoestring budget.

Where To Get The product
Now for someone who has the financial weight you can either travel and bring in the goods or you stay right here in Nigeria and you place your order just like the man that doesn’t have much money to start or can’t afford to travel for now. One way to do that is first- if you have reliable contacts abroad tell them exactly what you want, check out the price if it’s favorable, send money to them via your domiciliary account they will buy and send it to you here in Nigeria via courier like DHL, FEDEX and the rest or via Cargo etc.

Secondly, if you don’t have reliable contacts abroad, fine, that is not a problem, thanks to technology you can make your order online. The internet is there for you. One good place to go is another place to visit is or and so on. Any of these sites are meeting points for buyers and sellers, suppliers, manufacturers and consumers, so you can go there and order products.

Place order and import
Once you’ve made up your mind on how you want to start simply place an order and import. You can pay using your domiciliary account and in some cases you might just use your credit card on a secure server. Concerning the delivery of goods, where courier cost is not already factored into the price, you order and pay the courier cost when the goods get delivered to you here in Nigeria. Once that is done and your goods delivered the next thing to do will be to sell and make profit.