One way to make good money in this information age is through writing. Writing can make you rich, famous and respected globally, the interesting part of it all is you can get it all done right where you are, in the comfort of your room!

10 Ways To Make Good Money From Writing
  • You can earn money by writing and selling articles online
  • You can choose to write your own ebook and make money from it both locally and internationally
  • You can self publish here in Nigeria and with good marketing make your money
  • You can be right here in Nigeria and have your book published in US or UK with ease and still earn good royalty for life!
  • You can also decide to make money from your own newsletter
  • Another way to make money writing is by having your own ezine
  • Make money from writing good reports
  • Make good money writing and selling your own manuals
  • Publishing your own magazine
  • Start a blog or website and sell information