In today’s world, agricultural business is the way to go and agricultural production has been made easier with new and advance technological methods. These methods are introduced to add greater value in agricultural enterprise, to make increased profits and also create employment opportunities.

The opportunities in agribusiness abound and very profitable if you know the right aspect to focus on and find a reliable agricultural marketplace to find buyers, sellers, importers and exporters of agricultural produce, agricultural machinery and equipments.
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Although going into a large scale farming and production seems like an uphill task in Nigeria because of the need for Government support and intervention through agricultural grants to facilitate agricultural development, you can start small; the key is to start anyway.

Starting small does not mean you will remain small. On the contrary, starting small gives you ample time to study the market and learn from those who have managed to own a successful agricultural business. Nigeria is a land of opportunities despite challenges faced. Success and profits will come eventually and you are more likely to achieve it when you offer services and products. There is extensive low-cost agricultural business that could be taken up for a start which includes:

-          Sourcing of agro-raw materials for urban manufacturing companies
-          Reselling Charcoal
-          Production and formulation of livestock feed
-          Cultivation of food and cash crops
-          Poultry egg production (sourcing and supply) etc.
-          Selling of seeds
-          Sale of fertilizer, pesticides and more

These are other aspects of agriculture that we can tap into, the list is endless. Keep the focus and look out for opportunities from the private and public sector that creates and support many initiatives. Stay in touch and connect with people that support your work and always seek out more experienced professionals, entrepreneurs to ask for help.

Success in agricultural investment may not be immediate but the passion, drive, determination and the ability to strategize and proffer proper execution to your ideas will launch you into your desired world of success.