If a university degree alone is all it takes to make it in life, then, more people would have been rich, happy and successful in our country today. To make it in life (success) requires more than a paper certificate. Formal education is key no doubt, it provides us with knowledge but we need that and more to emerge success in life.

Instead of carrying certificate all over the place looking for job, it’s time to look inward, get creative, acquire other skills and start something. Start a business of your own. No crime in starting small and growing big with time what is important is to start a business. Employ yourself and later employ others. One way to achieve that is through poultry farming.

Poultry farming in Nigeria is one of the best decisions anyone interested in farming business can make. With the right background knowledge, you can start your own poultry farm and make thousands and even millions annually. The high demand for chicken meat and eggs have really proven that poultry farming in Nigeria is indeed a very lucrative business.

The following tips will help you launch your poultry start up business in Nigeria.

1.  Different Breeds of Chicken: There are three basic types of chickens. Broiler, layers and cockerels. It is therefore advisable to pick one at a time for starters and then expand as the business progresses.

Broilers – its period of maturity is within 8weeks
Cockerels – takes six months to mature while           
Layers – takes 19 weeks in order to start laying eggs                       

2.      Prepare Your Space: A piece of land will be needed considering both current and future demands. It is important especially if you plan to grow your business overtime.  It is advisable to build your poultry house with good fencing. The major feature of a poultry house is cross ventilation. The temperature must not be too high or too low. Also make sure the area is disinfected days before the arrival of the birds.
3.      Improve Your Knowledge: The more business management tips and tricks acquired, the more successful the business would be. Pay attention to changing their water, cleaning of its environment, feeding them with highly nutritious diet and the right feed formulation is essential.

4.       Determining Your Target Market: Many poultry farmers consider festive period as part of their targets for production e.g. Broiler could be stocked from October if the target is Christmas and have them ready for sale Christmas period. Hence, the target determines the frequency of your stock.

5.   Checking of Cost: Once the location has been settled, then invest your capital, the bigger the project, the larger the investment required. Invest wisely and don’t go outside your budget.

6.        Potential Profit:
·         Chickens do reproduce fast, and in large quantities
·         Chickens do grow very fast
·         Chickens sells at a very good price
·         The egg market is also very large

Poultry business is good, lucrative with fantastic turnaround time. It is a business
            worth doing, a business that can help you generate multiple streams of income. It is
indeed worth starting so when are you going to start yours?

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