Dogs are the most friendly pets on the planet and so many breeds have been discovered over the years. People’s reasons for keeping dogs ranges from rearing as pets to security purposes. Dog breeding is a lucrative business depending on whether you are breeding as pets e.g Poodles, Chihuahua or if you are breeding security efficient dogs e.g Pit bull, German Shepherd.

There is a wide range of potential markets for dog breeders based on the availability of internet and several other advertising means. It is also important to be passionate about dog keeping and breeding because it requires some amount of efforts and capital investments and if not properly executed could amount to business loss and depression.

 How To Start A Dog Business
Choosing a comfortable breed: it is necessary to identify the specific type of breed that one is comfortable working with, if one would be breeding pet dogs or majorly security purpose breed. Certain factors can be considered in choosing this.
The Environment: You have to consider the type of breed acceptable in your environment. You have to avoid causing pollution and being a nuisance in your environment.
Market: You have to recognize the breed that can be easily marketed and which is on a high demand.
Passion and Effort: You have to know how capital and labor intensive your choice of breed is and if you are capable of executing the projects.
Studies and Research: it is important to also know if your desired breed is not banned or restricted in your neighborhood or even all through the country, also studies should be made on the histories of the breeds, their genes and character so as to know if you are capable of establishing the business. You have to be familiar with how to cater for dogs, how long their breeding process takes, adequate vaccinations and needs for the services of a breeder could be arranged.
Capital: it is obvious that breeding of dogs is quite capital intensive but adequate execution can provide profit gain from the business, adequate space is required for dog business and nutrient efficient food must also be provided regularly. The expertise of a good veterinarian is also important for good offspring quality and healthy condition.
Marketing And Publicity: The last but not the least is the projection of your business by adequate networking and advertising yourself, you can also join breeders club and committees for more benefits like meeting people that have more experience and meeting potential buyers. It is also important to register your business and have government approval, veterinary consultations and market feedback benefits.


Over the years, there has been an improvement in the attitude of women towards work and financial stability, this has made necessary the need for working class mothers to get an efficient way to make their children comfortable and well catered for while they work. Daycare business can be but there is need for aspiring business owners to be passionate about children, be neat and have good business orientation. They should have some prior child care experience and consider taking it as a full time job. This business is a good income source and can be financially liberating if executed properly.

Few tips on starting your own childcare center-

Learning and researching: You can go through trainings and make adequate researches on how to start this line of business, you can also visit various websites on the intending business and if possible talk to experienced business owners in the field.

Business plans and ideas: you should also map out your business plan, set out goals in areas like income, enlargement and documenting strategies and ways to achieve the set out goals.

Business registrations and approvals: It is good to have an attractive business name that can automatically relay the purpose of the business, register your business with the government and approved agencies, this will help make customers more comfortable and erase doubts in the minds of intending customers.

Location and equipment: it is important to have a good accommodation in a conducive environment for this kind of business purpose. This is one of the major ways of attracting customers and making them feel comfortable to entrust their children’s safety in your hands and to be rest assured that they are in good hands even when they are away. You should also equip your daycare with children’s toys and facilities that can be attractive and amusing to the kids.

Hiring of labour: In case of expansion, it is advisable to get helping hands and employ people that can help serve various organization functions. You can start from nothing to something and even be an employer of labor within a reasonable amount to time if the business is managed efficiently and properly.

Cassava Processing Redefined.

Garri is  very popular in Nigeria and Africa at large. As popular as it is in Nigeria the way it is being sold in the market  place leaves much to be desired. Most of the time you find it opened with flies perching on it in the market place, this is not good especially if the garri is meant for drinking. So it is with great relief and much joy that we share this video of  a young Nigerian Kayode Yusuf who have decided to do something about it. This is by processing cassava into garri with quality packaging done under hygienic condition.

As you watch, challenge yourself today, what is that thing that you can do to create an additional income and further better your lot in life. Start something, employ yourself and also employ others, be impactful, stop complaining and do something.

BOI Weekly Visits Eko Cassava Factory

How To Make It Big In Cattle Rearing.

Cattle or cows as they are mostly referred to is one of the most consumed form of animal in the whole world, its meat which is beef is widely consumed and serves as the major source of protein for most household. The income and financial benefits of engaging in cattle rearing cannot be over emphasized. Food products which are consumed daily on a mega scale gotten from cattle include; beef, milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, hide and skin etc. Many pastries and snacks make use of beef as a major component. This form of business is more prominent among the fulanis in Nigeria but in the true sense can also be practiced by any willing Nigerian regardless of their tribes. 

Tips on starting a cattle rearing business

Cattle farms or ranch: There is need for a farm of a moderate size depending on the intended rearing scale. It is advisable to have a moderate sized fence on the ranch to prevent wondering off. Plants for the animals are preferably grown on the ranch to provide easier and cheaper access to feed.
Feeding: planting of different types of animal feed like hay, legumes etc should be done on the land and animals should engage in free movement and feeding regularly.

Breeding: quality breeders should be acquired and proper gestational care should be taken to enhance offspring qualities. Artificial insemination is encouraged to increase breeding efficiency and continuous breeding is encouraged.

Health care: the animals should be well taken care of, exercises are important to improve muscles and bones. Vaccinations and other health care procedures should be put in place. More training and research can also be done to improve and broaden your horizon.

Products of economic value which can be gotten from cattle are:

Milk: for making cheese, yoghurt, butter etc
Beef: for making meat
Hide and skin: for making leathers for bags and shoes
Horns: for making ornaments
Hooves: for making protein keratin useful in the production of extinguishers.
Bladders: useful for researches and drug manufacturing etc

Selling the cattle itself and all other products that can be generated from cattle are good ways of making money. The demand for cattle and all other products is huge and cannot be saturated.

Cassava Farming, A Business Worth Considering.

Cassava is a staple food produced in high quantity in the tropics. It is one of the most consumed food crop and also serves as a source of export as it is being used even in countries beyond our coast as food, animal feed and source of ethanol in countries like China and Europe. Cassava is the raw material for many local food products which include garri, fufu, lafun etc. It also serves as a source of livestock feed domestically. 

The favorable climatic condition has made it easy to cultivate cassava on a large scale in Nigeria. Cassava can be further processed into many food products even on a commercial scale to generate income. In the last one and a half decade government has shown much interest in this crop as a sure means of wealth creation for Nigerians locally and as a foreign exchange earner. 

Guidelines for having a lucrative cassava farm:

Land: The acquisition of a piece of land with highly nutritious soil is the most important and most challenging part of this business as so applies to other aspects of farming depending on the farm location. It is also important to acquire high yield quality seed for planting.

Information: You can attend seminars and trainings and also do some researches in this field so as to improve your knowledge in this line of farming and business.

Processing: Cassava because of the high moisture content is highly perishable and it is very important to make sure it is transported for processing within 48 hours of harvest. Cassava can be processed into cassava chips, cassava pellet, cassava flakes, cassava starch and cassava flour.

Marketing: Both traditional and digital marketing methods can be use in locating customers home and abroad for cassava and its derivatives. 

Every aspect of cassava is very useful from its leaves, stem right to the tubers. Whether as food for human consumption or as animal feed or for industrial use, cassava is useful globally and the demand for it keeps growing.