CAR WASH BUSINESS VENTURE Another Lucrative Investment.

Setting up an automobile car wash centre is one very lucrative business to venture into in the Nigeria of today, it is one of those business investments that do not require major technological know-how or highly skilled labor. It can be started on a small scale with little capital and multiple profits could be made within a short period of time. The rise in the number of people who acquire cars over the years has made available a favorable market to tap into for a profitable car wash business. The capital requirement for running a successful car wash business is moderately considerable depending on the scale at which one is aspiring to start up. A car wash business could even be run by going from house to house to wash cars for customers before starting up one’s workshop.

Guidelines in starting up your own car wash business.
Researches and information; information they say is power, it is advisable to talk with people who have been involved in the business for a while and gather every form of useful information and ways of starting up ones business without eventually running out of business.

Location; in setting up a car wash business, your location can either make or mar you. It is important to be located within a residential area and it is advisable to be in an opened area where awareness can be easily created for drivers and passersby that you run the sort of business you do in that particular place.

Source of materials; it is quite obvious that water is the most important material needed for the running of an efficient car wash business. There is need for access to a continuous source of water supply so as to be able to provide prompt and quality service to your customers.

Business innovations and plans; it is essential to have plans, targets and ideas in any business so as to be able to improve your skills and expand your coast with time. Set goals for yourself business wise and work hard towards achieving them. There could be other means of generating income from car wash business.

Employment of labor; a good car wash business is not a one man business and there might be need to employ and hire more hands as the business grows and expand.

Advertisement; the use of media flyers and internet are major ways of advertising ones business and widening the scope and horizons of your business venture. 

Car wash business if executed properly can be a source of income and even be a major business and make one an employer of labor therefore contributing to social and economic development of an area over time.