How To Make It Big In Cattle Rearing.

Cattle or cows as they are mostly referred to is one of the most consumed form of animal in the whole world, its meat which is beef is widely consumed and serves as the major source of protein for most household. The income and financial benefits of engaging in cattle rearing cannot be over emphasized. Food products which are consumed daily on a mega scale gotten from cattle include; beef, milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, hide and skin etc. Many pastries and snacks make use of beef as a major component. This form of business is more prominent among the fulanis in Nigeria but in the true sense can also be practiced by any willing Nigerian regardless of their tribes. 

Tips on starting a cattle rearing business

Cattle farms or ranch: There is need for a farm of a moderate size depending on the intended rearing scale. It is advisable to have a moderate sized fence on the ranch to prevent wondering off. Plants for the animals are preferably grown on the ranch to provide easier and cheaper access to feed.
Feeding: planting of different types of animal feed like hay, legumes etc should be done on the land and animals should engage in free movement and feeding regularly.

Breeding: quality breeders should be acquired and proper gestational care should be taken to enhance offspring qualities. Artificial insemination is encouraged to increase breeding efficiency and continuous breeding is encouraged.

Health care: the animals should be well taken care of, exercises are important to improve muscles and bones. Vaccinations and other health care procedures should be put in place. More training and research can also be done to improve and broaden your horizon.

Products of economic value which can be gotten from cattle are:

Milk: for making cheese, yoghurt, butter etc
Beef: for making meat
Hide and skin: for making leathers for bags and shoes
Horns: for making ornaments
Hooves: for making protein keratin useful in the production of extinguishers.
Bladders: useful for researches and drug manufacturing etc

Selling the cattle itself and all other products that can be generated from cattle are good ways of making money. The demand for cattle and all other products is huge and cannot be saturated.