Dogs are the most friendly pets on the planet and so many breeds have been discovered over the years. People’s reasons for keeping dogs ranges from rearing as pets to security purposes. Dog breeding is a lucrative business depending on whether you are breeding as pets e.g Poodles, Chihuahua or if you are breeding security efficient dogs e.g Pit bull, German Shepherd.

There is a wide range of potential markets for dog breeders based on the availability of internet and several other advertising means. It is also important to be passionate about dog keeping and breeding because it requires some amount of efforts and capital investments and if not properly executed could amount to business loss and depression.

 How To Start A Dog Business
Choosing a comfortable breed: it is necessary to identify the specific type of breed that one is comfortable working with, if one would be breeding pet dogs or majorly security purpose breed. Certain factors can be considered in choosing this.
The Environment: You have to consider the type of breed acceptable in your environment. You have to avoid causing pollution and being a nuisance in your environment.
Market: You have to recognize the breed that can be easily marketed and which is on a high demand.
Passion and Effort: You have to know how capital and labor intensive your choice of breed is and if you are capable of executing the projects.
Studies and Research: it is important to also know if your desired breed is not banned or restricted in your neighborhood or even all through the country, also studies should be made on the histories of the breeds, their genes and character so as to know if you are capable of establishing the business. You have to be familiar with how to cater for dogs, how long their breeding process takes, adequate vaccinations and needs for the services of a breeder could be arranged.
Capital: it is obvious that breeding of dogs is quite capital intensive but adequate execution can provide profit gain from the business, adequate space is required for dog business and nutrient efficient food must also be provided regularly. The expertise of a good veterinarian is also important for good offspring quality and healthy condition.
Marketing And Publicity: The last but not the least is the projection of your business by adequate networking and advertising yourself, you can also join breeders club and committees for more benefits like meeting people that have more experience and meeting potential buyers. It is also important to register your business and have government approval, veterinary consultations and market feedback benefits.