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Plantain is one of the most widely consumed food around the world and the most exciting aspect of plantain farming is the fact that there is little or no need for replanting year in year out. Due to high population and availability of market in Nigeria, it is easy to sell the harvest and generate income with little or no stress.

The following tips are necessary for an easy plantain farm execution-

Good land: Availability of a rich soil land for optimum growth

Good land preparations: Either manual means or mechanized means of land clearing could be used depending on the size of the land proposed to be used.

Acquisition of good suckers: good suckers should be acquired from a good mother plant, peeling of suckers are done to prevent nematode infection. This process is similar to peeling of cassava. Storage of suckers for too long before planting can affect yield adversely

Planting: This can best be done after farm clearing, plantain is best planted during the rainy season

Fertilizing: Nutrients can be added in form of appropriate fertilizer to improve yield quality of the plantain.

Land practices: Weeding and pest control can be done either manually or with the use chemicals.

Harvesting: This is done within the third month of planting. Optimum yield and disease free produce is very essential for a quality market value

Plantain production is very lucrative and has the following advantages.
-Selling into the market directly
-Exporting to other countries
-Small scale production with little capital is possible
-Processing into other consumables is possible e.g plantain chips, plantain flour which can also be sold on a large scale.