So many people have passion for business and doing their own thing but have capital constraint to set up. It is therefore necessary for this category of people to think of businesses they can establish that requires more of skill and less of capital. Here are some businesses that requires more of skill and less of capital to set up.

PHONE REPAIRS: acquiring the skills of mobile phone repairs is a good idea of a skill to acquire for people with less capital to set up. Phone repairs are rewarding and don’t require huge capital to set up.

CABLE INSTALLATION: for a profitable business like this, all that is required is the skill to give services efficiently and maybe a few work tools and experience. Capital cannot hold you back in a business like this. what you need is getting business deals and connections.

SECURITY SERVICES: this is another line of service which does not require capital to start up. It is more of your experience and talent that is required to execute jobs efficiently.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: this is also a lucrative business opportunity for well skilled persons. Sometimes some set of equipment might be required to carry out a job efficiently but this is not enough to hold back anyone willing to get trained in this line of expertise.

PLUMBING SERVICES: this is another productive business that does not need a huge capital to establish. All you need is the skill and opportunities to apply your skill and make money.

Acquiring a skill is one of the easiest ways to make money. When you become a professional at something, it’s easier to satisfy people’s wants with your abilities. Getting money for a value you can offer is the best feeling one can experience.