Ice cream can be considered as the most popular nutritious beverage in the world. Most children and many adults are daily consumers of ice cream. Recently, many companies have risen in this sector even in the developing countries like Nigeria. A cup of ice cream could cost as much as 1500 naira depending on the company’s brand and the quality of the ice cream. Starting up an ice cream outlet is of course a profitable business if you are familiar with the sector. This is a considerable business for unemployed youths as it is not capital intensive and can be started on a small scale.
Tips for starters.
RESEARCHES: read and get information about the business and what it entails. If possible consider an internship and gather valuable knowledge useful to start your own trade.

BRANDING: This type of business has many existing brands and varieties of qualities. Branding yourself is a right approach if you are going to thrive well in this line of trade.
QUALITY: due to the fact that there are so many pre existing brands in this business, you have to devise a way to make yourself different and unique. Have your own unique secret ingredients, new taste and fascinating flavours that would attract customers and keep them coming. Creativity is a key to success in this line of business.

ADVERTISING: getting the word out there about a business like this is a trick to increasing your market value. Make yourself a household name by using every available means of advertisement to get the word out there about yourself. As children are the best fans of ice creams, considering children friendly ads wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

There is enough room for newbie in businesses as such, the economy is huge enough for every business to thrive well. If you have a good experience in a business like this and have creative insights on how to make it big doing it, you should consider establishing your business now more than ever.




Production and manufacturing is still the most profitable branch of the economic chain one can belong to. It’s easier to make money when you have a product of value that anyone wouldn’t think twice about paying you for. Identifying the necessity in people’s lives and finding a way to provide their needs while you make little profit for yourself is a way to stay financially sustained. Small scale manufacturing is one of the underdog sectors. People hardly notice their effort or contribution to the economy, whereas no economy is complete without them. It’s easy to establish a small scale manufacturing company if you have all the necessary information and knowhow to start a business like this. There are many options of commodity to consider for production depending on your choice, niche and environment. Production of match sticks, cold water starch, candles and many other household items are lucrative business ideas to consider for aspiring business owners. Below are some tips for business starters:

IDENTIFY ITEMS FOR PRODUCTION: when considering a small scale business venture, identify the items you would be comfortable producing. You can match up more than one product which have similar production processes. Do your feasibility study and find out if the items are profitable to produce.
TRAININGS AND RESEARCHES: when you have come up with the items for production, do a lot of research on how to start up and set up a company for such purposes. Undergo trainings and talk to existing entrepreneurs in the field. The information you can gather is important and relevant for setting up your own factory.

LOCATION: the location for setting up a factory is an important factor in determining if the business is going to thrive or not. Setting up in an environment close to the consumers of your products and nearness to already existing firms are strategies that can help boom your business easily.
EQUIPMENT: necessary equipment should also the acquired base on the proposed production scale. Different equipment is necessary for different types of items.

CAPITAL: most production processes are quite capital intensive but there are few ways to avoid capital constraint when setting up a business like this. You can consider saving up till you have enough money and sourcing for funds can be another approach to avoid capital limitations
MARKETING: devising a good marketing strategy is a basic requirement for every manufacturing company. If you cannot market your products, your business is likely to go bankrupt. Find the adequate means of disposing your products regularly and think of widening your horizon from time to time.

Manufacturing has been a profitable sector since existence. If you have a product of value, getting people to pay for them would not be difficult. You can establish your own manufacturing company today and you can consider yourself making good profit in a reasonable time.


Most businesses collapse within 2 years of kick off. Here are some applicable strategies to help prevent bankruptcy in business.
Don’t quit existing jobs: aspiring to start a business is a good means of liberating oneself financially but it should be known that quitting existing jobs even if they don’t pay so much is a wrong approach. Keep alternative income source till you can afford to stand on your own financially.

Reduce expenses: starting a business or a life time venture requires you to cut your expenses to the barest minimum. Saving and using a scale of preference is a good way to raise money for your business even after kick off. Don’t feed off all your profits.
Taking loans: taking of loans can be scary but it is still one of the ways to sustain your business without going bankrupt. Cooperatives and other micro finance are parts of the loan acquiring opportunities.

Identify your passion: it is important to identify the areas you are amazing at, your passion and strength. Channel them into your business and within a short period of time you will see yourself excelling in such areas. This will preserve you financially and help you spend less.
Manage your fear: the idea of money management and control is scary to most people. It is only natural to know you are taking a risk by embarking on a business venture. Manage your fear and take the right steps. Do not be discouraged easily and know that no venture was successful in a day. It takes time.

 With these ideas and strategies, you should be able to manage your business successfully without going bankrupt.


You do not necessarily need to have a conventional centre to run a business successfully. Business can be done even from the corners of you room. Here are some ways to run a business without even running a store.
CRAFT SHOWCASE:  channelling a specific audience is a good way to run a business. Attending trade fairs, special events like school inter-house sports, organised trainings is a good way of showcasing your goods and services for free and giving people the opportunity to partake of your business.

ONLINE STORE: running an online store is one of the easiest ways to run a business in the world of today. Placing of orders and good delivery systems is the way to go, you do not necessarily need to run an offline store to satisfy your customers. 
DISTRIBUTORSHIP: being a distributor is another way to get your products across to the market without running a store. You might not make as much profit as you would if you run a point of sale system but this method is efficient for distributing a large number of goods at a time.

SOCIAL MEDIA: opening up a facebook page, twitter etc is another good way to promote and attract audience for your product. Social media is good for advertising and reaching out to large audience at a time.
ONLINE VENDORS: Jumia, Konga , Amazon and so many more are online vendors that have made mega millions from online sales. This is another way to run a successful business without running a conventional store.



Make up business is one of the trendy and lucrative business in Nigeria. It is a business that can make you good money it you have a good networking skill and can be creative and innovative with your work.


A conventional retail business is simply an outlet that sells products or services in small quantities to the final consumer. A retailer is expected to source from either a wholesaler or a distributor. Many people aspire to own a retail business but do not have enough knowledge it entails to pull through. There are so many benefits associated with a retail business. As a retailer it is likely for you to make money everyday. It doesn’t require professionalism or specific skills to become a retailer. It is more of the ability to strategize and have financial discipline. To start a retail store, it is advisable to focus on similar type of products you are familiar with. Work your goods around your budget and open up in a location that is good for business. Retailing is better considered for residential and commercial areas. Sourcing for your goods rightly is also a way to increase your profit. Most times, cutting out the wholesaler and sourcing directly from the manufacturer or distributor is a good way to increase your profit margin.
Here are 25 retail businesses to consider if you are thinking of starting a retail business.

Grocery store

Jewellery retail store
Consignment shop

Gift item store
Cosmetic store

Home accessories store
Art work display store

Sport accessories store
Baby products store

Frozen foods store
Construction goods store

Electrical appliance store
Fashion item store

Phone accessories store
Consumable items store

Lightening items store
Stationary store

Fruits and vegetable store.


Many great leaders have cultivated many emulative traits that have helped them enhanced their lives and live an overall successful life. Being successful is not a day’s job, it’s a process of living a purpose driven life. Waking up daily and working in the direction of your goals.
Here are some of the traits you can emulate to gear you in the direction of your goals.
PERSONAL BELIEFS: clear ideas and beliefs make the process of success achievable. Define your path and have your personal definition of what success means to you. Never stop having your own beliefs. They work.

PERSEVERANCE AND CONSISTENCY: you are not guaranteed to get it on your first attempt. Every successful person understands the importance of persistence and perseverance. Failure is never a defeat, never trying again is the ultimate downfall. If an approach doesn’t work, attempt it in another way but never accept defeat.
PASSION AND ZEAL: for any successful venture in life, your passion is your driving force and your ultimate motivator. You need to be willing to try, the process no matter how tedious must be one you are passionate about. Successful people understand the concept of passion. That is why they go in the direction of the goals they believe in and which they are passionate about.

PURPOSEFUL GOALS: there is a need for a purpose if there is going to be a success. Your purpose is your aim, it’s your end game, it’s where you are moving towards, it’s what you are determined to achieve. Without a purpose and a clear vision, there is no mission and without a mission, there is nothing to be achieved.
PRINCIPLES AND VALUES: great and successful people have their life values and principles. They have rules and guidelines they live by. Having ethics and personal principles have helped successful people in decision makings and maintaining disciplines necessary for achieving their goals.

PERSUASIVE ABILITIES: for every successful entrepreneur, there is need for a strong convincing and persuasive trait. You need to be able to make people believe in you at some point. People need to be convinced you have it figured out before they can help you and support your dreams.
PERFORMING OPTIMALLY: the ideas of visions and goals can never become reality if they are not backed with optimum performance. Successful people have put quality effort and hardwork into every success they achieve. Put every effort and adequate resources towards realizing your goals.

These traits and ideas have helped many successful people in the past. It is important to imbibe them into your everyday life and before you know it, they will become a part and parcel of you. Making your success process easier and achievable.


So many people have passion for business and doing their own thing but have capital constraint to set up. It is therefore necessary for this category of people to think of businesses they can establish that requires more of skill and less of capital. Here are some businesses that requires more of skill and less of capital to set up.
PHONE REPAIRS: acquiring the skills of mobile phone repairs is a good idea of a skill to acquire for people with less capital to set up. Phone repairs are rewarding and don’t require huge capital to set up.

CABLE INSTALLATION: for a profitable business like this, all that is required is the skill to give services efficiently and maybe a few work tools and experience. Capital cannot hold you back in a business like this. All that is required is getting business deals and connections.
SECURITY SERVICES: this is another line of service which does not require capital to start up. It is more of your experience and talent that is required to execute jobs efficiently.

ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: this is also a lucrative business opportunity for well skilled persons. Sometimes some set of equipment might be required to carry out a job efficiently but this is not enough to hold back anyone willing to get trained in this line of expertise.

PLUMBING SERVICES: this is another productive business that does not need a huge capital to establish. All you need is the skill and opportunities to apply your skill and make money.
Acquiring a skill is one of the easiest ways to make money. When you become a professional at something, it’s easier to satisfy people’s wants with your abilities. Getting money for a value you can offer is the best feeling one can experience.


Cosmetics are essential products which are use to clean, beautify, enhance and make the body attractive. Many people especially women would go an extra mile to look good and feel good about themselves. This has made beauty and cosmetic sector a branch of business to consider for people thinking of how to invest and make good profit. There is a huge market for cosmetics and related products, you are certain to make profit regardless of the branch you venture into. You could start up as a manufacturer if you are well equipped with the knowhow it takes to manufacture your own products. Coming in as a distributor, wholesaler or even as a retailer is not a bad thing to do too. The fact that cosmetics are everyday products makes it a good option of business to invest in. You are likely never going to run of sales. The populace at large and most especially the youth are dominant customers for these products. As an aspiring entrepreneur, there are different categories of products to consider for business. Make up, skin care, deodorant and perfumes, hair care and so many other types of products can be considered for business.
Tips on starting up your own business.
RESEARCHES AND EXPERIENCE: it is advisable to have the required knowledge for any business you aspire to venture into. Read well about products and manufacturers, existing entrepreneurs in the field and what is required to start up your desired business in the same field. If possible get trained in the field before starting up your own business.

CAPITAL: depending on the scale at which you are aspiring to start, a business like this can be capital intensive to start up. The required amount for a product manufacturer is expected to be different from that of a retailer. Plan the business in a way that suits your capital.

LOCATION: it is most likely that you are going to need a conventional store if you are a wholesaler or retailer. Locating in a strategic busy area is an approach to consider when setting up. Commercial areas where you are more likely to get costumers are where your focus should be on for an outlet.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: you can market your products online and offline. If you can afford an online retail store, you can consider that also. You need to get the word about your business out there and create awareness for your products. There is no limit to how well your business can thrive if you market and advertise yourself properly.
There is a readymade market for cosmetics and beauty products. People will spend as much as possible to look good and desirable. Venturing into a trade like this is lucrative and worth considering.



A visual representation of the basic knowledge needed in setting up a plantain farm.


Students sometimes find it hard to keep up with the high expenses while they study. This has made so many of them over the years to consider other ways of making money which would not have adverse effect on their academics. As a student who is aspiring to take up a business venture alongside, here are some good options to consider if you want to manage your time well.
Hair styling business: this is a business that is lucrative for both male and female students. You have readymade customers which are your friends, classmates and colleagues. You can also consider barbing if you are a male. This type of side business for students has helped many in the past to meet their end means and solve immediate problems when parents and guidance are not forth coming. Hairstyling skill can easily be acquired and there is no much capital needed for establishing. It’s more of skill application.

Freelance writing: as a student who is sourcing for alternative income source apart from what the parents and guidance can provide, freelance writing is also a good option to consider. If you are good with words and talented in writing, you can consider selling your articles online. This is a good way to raise money while you study.

Fitness trainer: being a trainer is another option of work a student can do while in school. School environment is always filled with athletes and people looking to lose weight. Starting a fitness exercise routine is a way to generate income if you are sport oriented and have a passion for training people.
Photography: if you are familiar or well skilled with handling of cameras and other processes involved in printing pictures, photography is a good business to consider. You can do it part time and on a small scale. There are always students who would require your service in a field like this.

Tutoring: this is one of the best options of services to consider while schooling especially if you are brilliant and good at teaching. There are always students who need extra help with difficult courses. Organising tutorials is a good venture as it keeps you cash stable and gives you the opportunity to consider making products of intelligence which is a good source of passive income.
Graphic designing: if you are well skilled in web designing and programming, you can also make money rendering freelance services to people who require your service even while you study.

Fashion designing: being skilled as a designer is also another way of making money even when at school. You could establish yourself as a part time designer and make money alongside. It is easier as a student to get customers and referrals.
Many successful entrepreneurs began their ventures even as far back as school days. Education is not a barrier to business if you are focused and diligent. It can also be considered for students who are business minded and those who need alternative income source.


Social media is one of the best ways of marketing and advertising today. It is more likely to generate costumers via social media than any other means. Social media has advanced so much that it is the platform for the highest number of audience in the world. Presidents are on social media, even a small town businessman could be an entity on social media. The platform is neutral and gives everyone an equal right and opportunity to participate is anything they choose to.
Tips On How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Business.

Time And Dedication:  A post here and there would never give you the optimum value of a social media platform. It takes real planning and dedication if you are going to fully utilise the potentials of a social media.
Content Marketing Strategy: You should be fully aware that consistent content posting is very necessary for social media marketing. You should always have something to offer so that you can always be on your audiences mind. Make it such a way that you are the first thing that comes to mind when a related product or service is needed. Good content get people’s attention and increases your chances of being shared. This definitely widens your audience range.

Focusing Strategy: Focusing on your area of expertise is crucial if you are going to be a force to be reckoned with in your field. Be known for what exactly you do. It is easier to build a strong brand this way than trying to venture into so many fields under the same platform.
Activeness And Participations: successful social media networking requires more listening and less talking. Get familiar with your target audience, read through discussions and know what is important to them. Join discussions and learn to answer questions. Only then can you fully maximise the potentials of social media marketing.

Existing Platform Influence: this is another strategy you can make use of when building your social media business platform.  Use the influence of known names and already establish platforms to get to their audience. If few important social media figures could share your content, it could help boost your audience by a wide margin.
Accessibility And Follow Ups: don’t just publish and pull back, make yourself available for follow ups. Be available to the audience and be ready to carry them along. You cannot afford to start from the scratch each time you give out content. If you disappear on your audience, you would be surprised how quickly someone else is ready to take over.

Acknowledgment And Appreciation: it is important to treat everyone important on your platform, except if well proven otherwise. Pay attention to the audience that reach out to you.  Reciprocate platforms that have help your contents get out one way or the other.


Nigeria has over 170 million people making it the most populous country in Africa. The main economic mainstay before the oil boom was agriculture. The nation is blessed with natural and human resources which if utilised efficiently is sufficient for the economic growth of the country. Organic farming is one of the practices that can be considered for business and financial sustainability.  Organic farming is a technique, which involves cultivation of plants and rearing of animals in natural ways. This process involves the use of biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility and ecological balance thereby minimizing pollution and wastage. It relies on ecologically balanced agricultural principles like crop rotation, green manure, organic waste, biological pest control, mineral and rock additives. Organic farming could make use of pesticides and fertilizers if they are considered natural but avoid the use of various petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides.
The benefits of organic farming include:
SAFE FOOD PRODUCE: produce of organic food farming are safe and free of toxins which are usually present in food which are planted using chemicals, pesticides etc.

IMPROVED TASTE: produce from organic farming are known to have higher quality and better taste.
LONGER SHELF LIFE: Organic plants have greater metabolic and structural integrity in their cellular structure than conventional crops. This enables storage of organic food for a longer time.

BETTER NUTRITION: As compared to a longer time conventionally grown food, organic food is richer in nutrients. Nutritional value of a food item is determined by its mineral and vitamin content. Organic farming enhances the nutrients of the soil which is passed on to the plants and animals.
INCREASED DEMAND: the rise in the occurrence of various deadly diseases like cancer, diabetics etc have demanded for people’s carefulness and consciousness of what they consume. The demand for organic food has increased over the years.

FINANCIAL BENEFITS: this business just like with the conventional farming techniques is lucrative and cost effective. There is reduced cost as you would not need to invest into buying of chemical products and fertilizers. Everything is done in the natural way. Products are even more likely to sell faster and easily in the market.


Investing in a business is one of the most fulfilling decisions one can take in life. A business gives you the opportunity to be a boss of your own and be in control of your time. Making profits and financial stability is the least of the benefits that comes with running your own business. There is opportunity for you to become a real estate agent if you so desire. This basically has to do with being an intermediary between property owners and people that the properties are being leased or rented to. Being an agent is a viable business in Nigeria and there are so many established business owners in this field. This business is not time consuming and you can even have other things doing alongside. It pays moderately well and does not involve huge capital for start up.
Here are some tips considerable for business starters

TRAININGS: if you are interested in a line of business like this, it is necessary to have an idea of what the business requires and entails. Talk to existing business owners, make researches and enquires about what is needed to start up, if possible undergo some trainings to gain experience in the field.
BUSINESS REGISTRATION AND MEMBERSHIP: businesses like this take business registrations and association membership seriously. It’s important to find out the appropriate licenses and certificates required to start up your business.

LOCATION: getting an outlet is quite necessary for this type of business. You have to make sure people are convinced beyond doubt that you are not a fraud.
GETTING CONTRACTS AND PROPERTIES: you should also be able to have good networking skills, this will enable you get properties and deals that if executed properly will make you good profit.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: having the right ways to advertise and market properties you are in care of is also necessary. The ability to market properties online and offline will help a great deal is helping you secure deals and make good money.
Being a real estate agent is a good business especially for people who need alternative income source. You do not require excess capital to start up and you can have other ways of making money by the side.


This is an analysis of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in agribusiness. Finding a balance between home and business especially for women. How you can become a professional and successful.


There are simple ways to keep yourself motivated, stay on top of your game and make your routine less tedious or stressful.
Taking breaks: take a break every once a while. You deserve to relax your nerves. You can’t have an optimum performance when your stress level is high.

Keep your moves to your heart: keep your plans and approaches to yourself. Limit how much information to give out about things you intend doing. It’s possible to get positive feedbacks by sharing ideas alone which tricks your brain and ego into thinking you have achieved them.
Finite time: thinking of the fact that life has a limited time should motivate everyone into getting focus and making every moment count. Every step you take should be towards achieving your goals and defining your legacy.

Every win is a win: appreciate your achievements no matter how little they seem. They are your strongest motivators towards achieving greater things. They create a spirit of accomplishment and motivate you in the direction of possibilities.
Reduce your to do list: don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things to do. Slash your to do list, the few things you do are more likely to be successful if you use this approach.

Abstain from comparison: don’t live your life comparing yourself with other people. Your life is unique and different. There are people who are smarter than you, there are people you are better than. Don’t live your life thinking everyone is better than you are.
Embrace your weakness: accept that your life could be less than perfect, accepting and admitting your short comings is a powerful cultivator of motivation. Move past your failures and move on to something constructive.

Let your passion motivate you: do what you love to do. Let your passion be your driving force. You don’t have to make money doing them all. Let them gear you to success.
Focus: most importantly, focus on your goals. Let where you want to be motivate you. The most important quality for success is to focus on your ambition. Don’t get distracted, don’t waste time on unproductive ventures.



Many people have degrees in different disciplines but find it difficult to get a 9-5 job. It is mostly frustrating to be well learned but have nothing doing. However, most people in this category think less of other things they can do to make money and earn a living. Either you have a good paying job or not, running your own business might be the right step to financial freedom and earning a good living for yourself. There are many advantages and benefits associated with running a business of your own. You can never limit your potentials or think less of yourself while starting up a business. Most successful entrepreneurs never knew they would do so well when they started. For every business, there are potential customers who are willing to patronise you, regardless if it’s a brand new idea or a business that has being in existence for a long time. Starting a new business requires lots of hardwork and diligence. Most times, it is preferable to start small, gain experience and minimise the risk of losing too much.
Here are some of the benefits associated with starting your own business.
Influence on your income: as a business owner, you have privilege of determining how much you earn. Working for someone or a company always comes with limited income. Whereas when you are running your business, you become the sole determinant at how much you earn. The more your business thrives, the more you have access to earning.

Independence: running your business also gives the opportunity for independence and freedom. You decide your work hours per day and you are in control of your time. You not have laws binding you or someone bossing you around. You are free to manage and utilise your time to suit your desires.

Acquiring new skills: no matter how much you think you know, there are some skills you only get to acquire when you begin to do your own business. Mostly as a starter, you have to do so many things by yourself. From bookkeeping to financial recording to marketing and advertising. This will give you the opportunity to improve yourself in many areas you might not be previously familiar with.

Following your passion:  starting a business also gives you an opportunity to do your thing in a unique way. It helps turn your ideas into reality and help you achieve your goals in your own ways.

Specialisation and professionalism: becoming involved in all the processes of establishing a business gives you the ability to know more about every process involved and makes you a professional in your field when you finally succeed. This can even give opportunities for alternative careers like becoming a consultant or coach in the field.
Business is viable, either full time or part time. It gives opportunity for establishing oneself and becoming a boss of your own. Take a bold step and invest into something today. A country like Nigeria has a big market and opportunities that cannot be exhausted.


Over time, tutoring has been a means of improving the knowledge and understanding of students outside the classrooms. There is a great feeling of fulfilment that comes with tutoring. The ability to help people and improve their capability is enough reason to venture into tutoring and giving the opportunity to make extra income makes it a good business option worth considering. Tutoring on a moderate scale takes planning and being knowledgeable. If you are interested in venturing into the education sector, or you already have a teaching career, you can consider tutoring as an alternative income source. There is always a student somewhere that needs your help. This sort of business can be started on a small scale with one to two students and eventually grow into something as big as a school. Most of the time, businesses and careers like this starts as a hobby or passion and later develop into something big and lucrative. So if you have been nursing a passion like this, now is the time to start following your dreams.
Tips on tutoring as a business

Skills and experience: you are not expected to be good at all subjects. Be well skilled and experienced in the subjects you plan to teach. Consider partnering up with interested tutors better at the subjects you are not so good at. Determine the age group you are comfortable working with and gather knowledge on what it requires to be a good tutor.
Writing a business plan: if you are considering tutoring as a business, it is necessary to write your business plans and ideas. Write down your goal and work towards realising them.

Location: tutoring can be done from home to home depending on the number of students you are starting with. As the business progresses, you should consider getting a good space that is conducive for learning.
Search for clients: there is also the need to tell people about what you do and give them means of accessing you. Fliers and posters in strategic locations will go a long way in advertising and publicising your business.

Tutoring is a viable business to consider. It is a way of helping students out and also improving yourself and making money at the same time.


Goat meat is one of the most accepted type of meat worldwide. It has a unique and palatable taste. Its meat is low in fat and cholesterol which makes it a better meat option compared to chicken and beef. Goat has many derivable products which are of economic importance also. Many stores have different goat products for sale. Goats can even serve as an export products for exporters. Goat meat is also used locally to prepare different types of indigenous meals. Goat farming is easy to execute and very profitable if done properly. This business can be considered by retirees and people in developing areas where there is access to farm lands. Milk, cheese, hide and skins are other products of goats that can be sold to make money.                                               Tips on how to start a goat farm

Researches and trainings: if you want to start a goat farm for business, it is important to do research on the business. Talk to entrepreneurs that are established in this field. Be well informed and if possible undergo some training in a farm to gather ideas and experience. Learn how to cater for breeders, how to prevent diseases outbreak and how to make your business a profitable venture generally.
Location: getting a good location for your farm is very important. Goats are herbivores so they feed mostly on plants and grasses.  A well fenced land where goats can feed and move about easily is a good option to consider. Shelter would also be provided to prevent harsh weather. There is also a need to have a good source of water supply.

Breeds: you have to decide the type of breed you are comfortable rearing. Consider factors like how good they sell in the market and how long it takes to rear them to maturity.  Be sure that the goats you buy to breed are healthy and disease free.
Feeding: goats feed majorly on pastures, aside this they could also feed on supplements. A good source of water is very important also.

Veterinary care: for adequate vaccination and keeping your animals healthy, the service of a veterinary doctor should be consulted. A time to time check up on the animals should be conducted to keep them in good shape.
Marketing: networking and getting market for your matured goats and other products is also important. You can make use of the internet to advertise your products. Proper marketing is required if you are going to run a profitable venture.

Running a goat farm is a profitable venture to consider, especially due to the high population and high demand for goat meat. They are easy to feed and rear. They are hardly affected by harsh weather and are not prone to diseases. If this business is executed properly, it can make spinning profit over time.



The business sides of establishing a shoe making factory. The challenges, administrative and prospect. Shoe making and leather works is a viable business in developing countries like Nigeria. This is a video demonstration for the steps involved in making a shoe.


Many individuals are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. It is lucrative to have a business of your own. Most times it gives you the opportunity to become your own boss, manage your time and be financially stable. There are so many business ventures an aspiring entrepreneur can consider to venture into. Running a business gives you the opportunity to run your own show, you are in charge and you control every aspect of your business. It could be a tedious and stressful process but it is financially rewarding and fulfilling if you get it right. Here are some factors to consider when setting up your business.
PASSION: You have to consider what drives you when aspiring to start up a business. What do you enjoy doing? What can you do without being paid? This is the direction to work towards when starting up a business. Your passion is a good motivator. It makes the process less stressful and appealing to you.

SKILL: Your passion is your driving force, it’s your motivation but you are likely never going to be able to achieve your goals if you do not have the necessary skills needed to achieve success in your business. Identify the skills and experiences you have gained over the years. Be ready to bring them into application to have a successful venture. An entrepreneur with the biggest passion but inappropriate skill is likely to fail eventually.
CAPITAL: For any business to be successful there is need for adequate funding. One of the easiest ways for a business to fail is lack of adequate funding. Do your feasibility study, know how much it takes to start up and run your business till it starts to make profit. Source appropriately if need be and make sure you stay afloat. Running out of money will kill a business faster than anything else.

LOCATION: As much as capital and skills are necessary to start a business, so also is the location you are starting at. Choosing the right location for your business is a determinant of how well your business is going to thrive. Consider your closeness to clients, raw materials, competitors and accessibility.
MARKET: Before starting up a business, consider how to dispose your products or services easily. A business cannot be successful irrespective of how much energy, time and capital invested into it if you do not have an appropriate market for the business.

NEARNESS TO COMPETITORS: Most times it’s considerable to be close to your competitors. It’s a strategy towards targeting customers. Stay close to your competitors, know how they operate, identify their weaknesses and work on outranking them. This is a good strategy to consider when starting up your business.

Doing business can be fun and rewarding, it is important to take into consideration all the factors necessary when starting up a business. This will help make the process easy to achieve.


“I don't know where we should take this company, but I do know that if I start with the right people, ask them the right questions, and engage them in vigorous debate, we will find a way to make this company great.”
James C. Collins

 “The type of person you are is usually reflected in your business. To improve your business, first improve yourself.” 
Idowu Koyenikan

“An entrepreneur sees things not only for what they are, but also for what they could be.” 
Idowu Koyenikan
“Working together as a team helps build a cohesive organization.” 
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

“In business, politics and in life in general competition means the survival of the fittest” 
Bangambiki Habyarimana
“Immerse yourself in the customer's world and get to know their struggles and triumphs inside out.” 
Dane Brookes

“A successful business requires one simple thing: PASSION.” 
Teresa Collins


There are several ways to make money online. Many people have ceased the opportunity of the internet to make millions. You can also earn good money online doing legitimate things. Truthfully, you do not have to be a programmer or highly skilled technically to make good money online. There are many simple and straightforward ways to make good money online. Here are some easy means of making money online you can consider.
BLOGGING: this is a sustainable way of making a living, if you do it rightly. You can blog about anything you want, it’s so easy and direct. Create products of value around your content. Make information available on your blog. These are ways of making money and driving traffic. Partner up with people to promote their products, place adverts and think out of the box for things you can do to make your blog different and unique. Strategize and attract people with your offers. You will be amazed how much you can make from blogging.

FREELANCE SERVICES: you can make money by rendering freelance services. There are companies home and abroad that would pay good money for freelance services. There is always someone that is in need of a service you can render. You will be surprised how much people can pay for freelance writings, freelance web designing, freelance programming etc. Figure out something you are good at, market it and get paid online as much as you can get paid for doing it conventionally.
IT SERVICES: many people are well skilled in information technology yet they do not know how much money this skill can earn them. Many businesses and companies need IT services to set up their websites, blogs and social media. You don’t have to make money blogging or running social media for yourself alone, you can make money by setting it up for people, companies and entrepreneurs.
You can make good money doing any of these. All you need to do is put the right effort in the right place and stay consistent.


Do you have a good culinary background? Have you gotten several compliments on your cooking and baking skills? Then you could consider starting a pastry business even from home. Even though it might be considered a small business with little profit, it is still an income source which could grow eventually into something big. Having a good residential location with enough space to practice this trade is an advantage for an aspiring business owner. You could also consider selling at strategic locations to attract more customers and increase profit. Here are tips in starting up a business like this from home.
MARKETING: No matter how good your pastries look or taste, if you can’t attract the right customers for your items, the business is most likely not to thrive. Your target customers should be schools, offices, industrial areas etc. Most areas where people work and spend their day are good places for business.

QUALITY: if there is anything that gets you good customers in a short period of time, it’s the ability to offer quality. You will be amazed how well your business will thrive and how soon you will be able to progress if you make quality products. A business that started with nothing can become something big in a short time if you offer a good quality to your customers.

ADVERTISE YOURSELF: no business is too small to advertise or tell people about. The use of social media alone is enough to get the word out there about what you do. You would be surprised how much people can be interested in patronising you and placing orders if your snacks are good.

PROFESSIONALISM: Working from the corners of your room doesn’t limit how far you can go and how much you can achieve. It is important to keep a good image for your business. Dress well, have business cards, be polite and sophisticated no matter how small your business looks. Hire neat and well composed people if need be.

You never can tell how a little something can turn out into something massive if executed passionately and appropriately. No place is too small to start.


It’s always quite easy to manage your business alone when you are just starting up. You can take many roles at a time and be resourceful in so many ways but as the business grows, there would be need for certain skills you might not be efficient enough to pull off yourself. These are the skills you would consider when making your first hire. There is always the need for expertise in these fields as the business grows. They include:

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING SKILLS: Your business is likely to grow to a point where word of mouth and referrals would no longer cut it for the marketing of your business. There could be need for professionals in marketing who would have the necessary skills needed for your company to strategize and make progress even on a long term scale. Hiring professionals in this field will help you get exposed and figure out how to map out strategies you would not consider ordinarily.
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SKILLS: A business that started on a small scale is expected to grow and become more voluminous. Most people have simple IT skills needed to run their small business at first but as the business grows, you would discover the need to hire professionals in this area also. It is important to have professionals involved in managing information and data so as to make the work process easier to manage and achievable.

FINANCIAL OPERATIVE SKILLS: When you manage a small business yourself, you can easily manage your finances and pay your bills. When the business starts to grow and expand, you discover it becomes very tedious and time consuming to do. Hiring a financial operative that is a professional in this field will make it well planned and map out how to solve financial issues relating to the organisation. An accountant is necessary for proper invoicing and bookkeeping of any organisation. Their skill is definitely applicable if the organisation is going to have a proper record of funds.
MAINTENANCE SKILLS: As you business becomes larger, especially when you run a conventional type of business. It is necessary to hire maintenance skills. You can clean up after yourself and do some day to day maintenance when you run your business yourself but as your business starts to grow and you hire people, it would be necessary to consider a cleaning and maintenance skill. From the need for a repair of a device to the regular maintenance of acquired equipment, the need for proper maintenance cannot be over emphasised in an organisation.