Many people aim to be productive and lucrative in their ventures but hardly do they cultivate the right attributes needed to make the process achievable. Here are some habits you can cultivate to improve your productivity.
PRIORITIZING YOUR WORK: even before your day starts, prioritize your goals. Know what you have to get done and how you are going to get them done.

PEN DOWN YOUR GOALS: for each day, pen down your achievements for the previous day and new goals for the new day. This way you can keep a tab on pending goals that needs to be achieved.

FEEDBACK MECHANISM: give yourself feedback of each day. Figure out your achievements, know the things that didn’t work out and why they didn’t.
SHORT TERM GOALS: set daily goals. Live each moment. Don’t waste time setting long term ambiguous goals. Always have a goal for the day and always try as much as possible to achieve them.

WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESS: figure something you are not good at and challenge yourself at it. Approach it and try to get better at it.
GET INVOLVED: don’t see your schedules as things to get done with as fast as possible. Get involved in the process, see them as activities you must partake of.

LIMITED PHONE TIME: most times, phones are productivity killers. Limit the time you spend on your phones doing unproductive activities.
RELAXING ACTIVITIES: productive people know when to take a chill pill. Find a way to calm your nerves and relax your brain. Pick a time to listen to music or do some movies.

RELIEF YOUR STRESS: there are some activities that stress you up always. Gather them together, execute them one after the other to prevent them from stressing up your whole day.

MOTIVATE YOURSELF: from time to time, do something that makes you happy. Do something that gives you a rewarding feeling. This will gear you up and give you reasons not to give up on your goals.