e-BUSINESS: this is one of the most promising business venture to consider in the new year, there are more than a million internet customers ready to partake of good online business venture.

IMPORT BUSINESS: there is always a market for imported goods, especially those that cannot be produced locally. Investing in import business can make you good money if executed adequately.
POULTRY BUSINESS: this is one of the well known and lucrative business ventures in Nigeria. This business has made many business owners millionaires over the years. Starting a business like this with like 500 birds can make you good profit within a year or less.

HAULAGE AND TRANSPORT BUSINESS: There is always a need to transport goods from one place to another. The road transport is still the most popular means of transportation in Nigeria. The price of hiring a truck ranges from N20, 000 to about N400,000 depending on the distance covered and type of good being transported. This is a lucrative business for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.
CRECHE AND CHILD CARE SERVICE: There is always a need for parents and guardians to have their children well taken care of while they work. This is a very viable business venture to consider when thinking of establishing a business.

FAST FOOD BUSINESS: the high population of people in Nigeria has made the fast food business a lucrative one. There is always a need to eat and buy readymade food on a daily basis. This is another very lucrative venture that can be considered this year.
EXPORT BUSINESS: there are so many local products that are being demanded in other countries. Exportation is a lucrative venture that can put massive income in your pocket if executed properly.

MANUFACTURING BUSINESS: the manufacturing of one or more products is another business venture to consider. Locally made products are now patronised better than in the past. Production of household items like washing soaps, bleaches, perfumes, detergents, disinfectants, candles, air fresheners etc are very lucrative and profitable to venture into.

 FARMING BUSINESS: agriculture is obviously lucrative and profitable to venture into. The planting of crops for commercial purposes is a business venture to consider. Vegetables, Water melons, cereal crops and other short time farm produce can be a profitable business to consider.
REAL ESTATE BUSINESS: So many people have little cash here and there but do not know the right kind of business to invest into, real estate business is a very profitable business venture. The need for shelter is forever consistent. People will pay any amount they can afford to get a roof over their heads. Management and control of properties is a business that can make one massive profit over time.