A conventional retail business is simply an outlet that sells products or services in small quantities to the final consumer. A retailer is expected to source from either a wholesaler or a distributor. Many people aspire to own a retail business but do not have enough knowledge it entails to pull through. There are so many benefits associated with a retail business. As a retailer it is likely for you to make money everyday. It doesn’t require professionalism or specific skills to become a retailer. It is more of the ability to strategize and have financial discipline. To start a retail store, it is advisable to focus on similar type of products you are familiar with. Work your goods around your budget and open up in a location that is good for business. Retailing is better considered for residential and commercial areas. Sourcing for your goods rightly is also a way to increase your profit. Most times, cutting out the wholesaler and sourcing directly from the manufacturer or distributor is a good way to increase your profit margin.
Here are 25 retail businesses to consider if you are thinking of starting a retail business.

Grocery store

Jewellery retail store
Consignment shop

Gift item store
Cosmetic store

Home accessories store
Art work display store

Sport accessories store
Baby products store

Frozen foods store
Construction goods store

Electrical appliance store
Fashion item store

Phone accessories store
Consumable items store

Lightening items store
Stationary store

Fruits and vegetable store.