It’s always quite easy to manage your business alone when you are just starting up. You can take many roles at a time and be resourceful in so many ways but as the business grows, there would be need for certain skills you might not be efficient enough to pull off yourself. These are the skills you would consider when making your first hire. There is always the need for expertise in these fields as the business grows. They include:

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING SKILLS: Your business is likely to grow to a point where word of mouth and referrals would no longer cut it for the marketing of your business. There could be need for professionals in marketing who would have the necessary skills needed for your company to strategize and make progress even on a long term scale. Hiring professionals in this field will help you get exposed and figure out how to map out strategies you would not consider ordinarily.
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SKILLS: A business that started on a small scale is expected to grow and become more voluminous. Most people have simple IT skills needed to run their small business at first but as the business grows, you would discover the need to hire professionals in this area also. It is important to have professionals involved in managing information and data so as to make the work process easier to manage and achievable.

FINANCIAL OPERATIVE SKILLS: When you manage a small business yourself, you can easily manage your finances and pay your bills. When the business starts to grow and expand, you discover it becomes very tedious and time consuming to do. Hiring a financial operative that is a professional in this field will make it well planned and map out how to solve financial issues relating to the organisation. An accountant is necessary for proper invoicing and bookkeeping of any organisation. Their skill is definitely applicable if the organisation is going to have a proper record of funds.
MAINTENANCE SKILLS: As you business becomes larger, especially when you run a conventional type of business. It is necessary to hire maintenance skills. You can clean up after yourself and do some day to day maintenance when you run your business yourself but as your business starts to grow and you hire people, it would be necessary to consider a cleaning and maintenance skill. From the need for a repair of a device to the regular maintenance of acquired equipment, the need for proper maintenance cannot be over emphasised in an organisation.