Import business is a lucrative way of earning a living and having good income. It is not enough to know how to go about import business efficiently, it is also very important to know the right goods to import. You cannot import just any type of product without prior knowledge of how well they will sell in the market. Goods that are hard to find locally and which are always demanded should be highly considered when importing.
These are some (certainly not all) of the items you can consider for importation;

PHONE AND COMPUTER ACCESSORIES; Phone accessories, USBs, chargers, flash drives, memory cards are some of the products which are not locally made in Nigeria, these products move very fast in the market and they are not prone to fast degradation. Importation of goods like this on a small or medium scale is a lucrative business venture that can make huge profit for investors. The markets for these products are huge and wide, almost everyone uses a cell phone in the world of today. Schools, offices, organisations also have high demand for these products. Countries like China, UAE, UK are considerable for getting these products.

HAIR WEAVES AND ACCESSORIES; Ladies would spend as much as they can afford on acquiring weaves and other hair products. Most of these products are not made locally and the supply for these products cannot be saturated. Importation of human hair and even the regular synthetic weaves is a lucrative trade to venture into. These products sell fast and easily.

CLOTHING; Over the years, it can be concluded that regardless of how much we promote our locally made fabrics and clothing, there is always a high demand for foreign clothes. Either new or used, the market for imported clothes can never be saturated. Clothes can be invested in on small, medium or large scale and good profit would be made in all cases. Countries like The United States, Turkey, Vietnam, Italy and UK are some of the places Nigeria source for clothes.

MAKEUP KITS; Most women apply makeup every day. This alone has made available an unlimited market for makeup. The innovative business aspect of makeup and the huge number of people venturing into the business of makeup daily has increased the demand on makeup products. Importation of makeup is a lucrative business venture presently. Buying in bulk and selling in bits at wholesale and retail rate is very profitable.