As a business owner or entrepreneur, creativity is an important word. It is important to outrank your competition. This means you have to figure out a way to always be different and unique in your business. There is need for a strategy that no one is thinking of, this is a determinant of how well your business will thrive and how long you will be able to stay in business. If you cannot think outside the box, you might not be able to solve problems which are inevitable in life processes. Creative thinking and their application to solving problems is a skill that is required for the success of every business venture. Here are some strategies that can help facilitate more creative thinking.
Improving your environment: Your environment has a lot to do with how well you are inspired, so choose wisely.  If you are feeling stuck on an idea or can’t figure out how to do something, try to change your environment. Be in the midst of people that have like goals and that are well enlightened. Involve yourself in challenging and insightful conversations. These acts go a long way in improving the way you reason and how much you know.

Pen down all your ideas: it is possible to pen down all the ideas that crosses your mind from time to time. Many of them might end up not being useful but you never can tell which is going to be the deal breaker and channel you to financial freedom. Your creative ideas are your unique insights of making it big.

Always draw inspiration: this is why your environment will always have an influence on you and it is advisable to choose the right environment. It is possible for you to draw inspiration from everything you come in contact with. You could get inspiration on how much better you can produce or package something that is already in the market etc. interact with people, get new perspectives, bring all the things you learn together to make yourself, your trade, your business, your organisation better.
Challenge yourself: Being creative and different means thinking outside the box. You are never going to achieve this in your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to do more and get better. Play games, task your brain, engage yourself in challenging activities and always be a solution provider no matter how hard the situation is.

Be a reader: the act of reading is a good act for a mind that is looking to be creative and different. You are certain to learn so much and get so much information by cultivating the habit of reading. Newspapers, blogs, books, magazines etc are information carriers that keep you informed.
These tips are certain to help you work on yourself and improve the quality of life you live generally. They help you stay on top of your game as far as creative thinking is concerned.