Students sometimes find it hard to keep up with the high expenses while they study. This has made so many of them over the years to consider other ways of making money which would not have adverse effect on their academics. As a student who is aspiring to take up a business venture alongside, here are some good options to consider if you want to manage your time well.
Hair styling business: this is a business that is lucrative for both male and female students. You have readymade customers which are your friends, classmates and colleagues. You can also consider barbing if you are a male. This type of side business for students has helped many in the past to meet their end means and solve immediate problems when parents and guidance are not forth coming. Hairstyling skill can easily be acquired and there is no much capital needed for establishing. It’s more of skill application.

Freelance writing: as a student who is sourcing for alternative income source apart from what the parents and guidance can provide, freelance writing is also a good option to consider. If you are good with words and talented in writing, you can consider selling your articles online. This is a good way to raise money while you study.

Fitness trainer: being a trainer is another option of work a student can do while in school. School environment is always filled with athletes and people looking to lose weight. Starting a fitness exercise routine is a way to generate income if you are sport oriented and have a passion for training people.
Photography: if you are familiar or well skilled with handling of cameras and other processes involved in printing pictures, photography is a good business to consider. You can do it part time and on a small scale. There are always students who would require your service in a field like this.

Tutoring: this is one of the best options of services to consider while schooling especially if you are brilliant and good at teaching. There are always students who need extra help with difficult courses. Organising tutorials is a good venture as it keeps you cash stable and gives you the opportunity to consider making products of intelligence which is a good source of passive income.
Graphic designing: if you are well skilled in web designing and programming, you can also make money rendering freelance services to people who require your service even while you study.

Fashion designing: being skilled as a designer is also another way of making money even when at school. You could establish yourself as a part time designer and make money alongside. It is easier as a student to get customers and referrals.
Many successful entrepreneurs began their ventures even as far back as school days. Education is not a barrier to business if you are focused and diligent. It can also be considered for students who are business minded and those who need alternative income source.