ARTWORKS AND PAINTINGS:  If you are an artist or you do decorative artworks, you can do your business from home. The most important thing to do is know how to
get clients and how to showcase your work from time to time.

BEADS AND JEWELLERIES: beads and wire works have become more popular over the years. This is a type of craft you can learn and start from home. You could look for means to showcase your works and get customers.

GIFT ITEMS AND HAMPER PACKS: this type of business is lucrative especially during the festive period. You don’t need an outlet to do this type of business. You could do your packaging from home and be a distributor to outlets.

PHOTOGRAPHY: do you have passion for taking photographs? This can become a means of making good income. This is a lucrative business you can start from home, all you need to do is let people know that you render this type of service.
WEBSITE AND GRAPHIC DESIGNING: if you have the knowledge of IT and you can create websites and other digital designs, this could be a good business to start from home. The internet is a good place to find people or even companies that need your services. You do not necessarily need an outlet to make money doing this type of business.

FREELANCE WRITING: this is another lucrative way to earn an income from anywhere you are. You can write from home and publish yourself. Marketing is all you need to break even.
DECORATIONS AND CRAFTWORKS: this is another business you can start from the corners of your rooms without much ado. All you need is the market for your made products. Attending trade fairs and similar events are alternative ways to make sell your products.

Contrary to a layman’s belief, you do not need a conventional outlet to start your own business. All you need to do is figure out the right ways to market your products.