There are simple ways to keep yourself motivated, stay on top of your game and make your routine less tedious or stressful.
Taking breaks: take a break every once a while. You deserve to relax your nerves. You can’t have an optimum performance when your stress level is high.

Keep your moves to your heart: keep your plans and approaches to yourself. Limit how much information to give out about things you intend doing. It’s possible to get positive feedbacks by sharing ideas alone which tricks your brain and ego into thinking you have achieved them.
Finite time: thinking of the fact that life has a limited time should motivate everyone into getting focus and making every moment count. Every step you take should be towards achieving your goals and defining your legacy.

Every win is a win: appreciate your achievements no matter how little they seem. They are your strongest motivators towards achieving greater things. They create a spirit of accomplishment and motivate you in the direction of possibilities.
Reduce your to do list: don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things to do. Slash your to do list, the few things you do are more likely to be successful if you use this approach.

Abstain from comparison: don’t live your life comparing yourself with other people. Your life is unique and different. There are people who are smarter than you, there are people you are better than. Don’t live your life thinking everyone is better than you are.
Embrace your weakness: accept that your life could be less than perfect, accepting and admitting your short comings is a powerful cultivator of motivation. Move past your failures and move on to something constructive.

Let your passion motivate you: do what you love to do. Let your passion be your driving force. You don’t have to make money doing them all. Let them gear you to success.
Focus: most importantly, focus on your goals. Let where you want to be motivate you. The most important quality for success is to focus on your ambition. Don’t get distracted, don’t waste time on unproductive ventures.