In Nigeria lately, there has been an increase in the number of people into livestock farming, this has given room for livestock production business to boom. Livestock feed production is a very lucrative business to venture into as it is one of the less competitive trade. It can also be started on a small scale and it can yield profit if managed properly. Venturing into a business like this requires prior knowledge of animal feed, essential nutrients and supplements. Coming up with your own unique and good quality feed formula is a way to start up. Proper sales and marketing method is the other strategy to business success.

RESEARCHES: it is necessary to gather as much information as possible when starting up a trade. Read about the business online, know how much is needed to start up and your profit cost margin. You can also identify established entrepreneurs in the field and acquire knowledge.

FEED FORMULAR: Coming up with your unique feed formula is the first step in starting up this business. You have to know the numbers of feed you intend producing, that is, if you will be starting up with poultry feed for layers or broilers or both and for different growth stages. Other animal feeds like the rabbit feed, turkey feed, goat feed, pig feed etc could also be produced at the beginning or later on depending on your scale of establishment. Be well informed about the nutritional requirements of the animals you want to produce for and make sure your feed are in good quality to serve this nutritional purposes.
EQUIPMENT: Some of the necessary equipment needed for this business includes; Mixing Machine, Weighing Scales, Generator, Packaging Bags, Steam Boiler, Ovens, Freezers, Conveyors, Sealers etc. depending on production scale. Raw materials needed for the production should also be made available.

PACKAGING: The way you package your product is a major factor in how much it will be accepted by the buyers and how fast your sales can be. It is advisable to study the existing market in aspects of packaging size and methods, coming up with a similar or better variable will be an added advantage for your products in the market.
MARKETING: Having an adequate means of distributing and creating awareness for your product in the market can be a deal breaker for your business. The use of online advertising, having your own functional online store, an attractive distribution centre of your own and having sub sector distributors over a wider area are ways of making your business a more successful venture within a short time.