As an entrepreneur who is aspiring to become financially independent, it is rewarding to consider having multiple streams of income. For any type of business you do or aspire to do, there are at least 7-10 ways of making alternative income. All you have to do is understand the basic concept of adding value to what you do originally and making more money from it alternatively. Here are some benefits of having alternative income sources.
MORE INCOME GENERATION: there is opportunity to make more money when you have alternative income sources. It is more liberating to have three businesses that bring 1,000 in daily than one business that generates 3,000 daily.

REDUCES RISK: when there are alternative income sources for an entrepreneur, there is a lower risk of being left without an income or running out of business completely. It is hardly possible for all the income streams to fail at a time.

BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOU: having the opportunity to function in different phases of a business makes you dynamic and brings the best in you. You tend to think better and become more creative as your responsibility increases. It also gives room for improvement.
HELPS AVOID MONOTONOUS ACTIVITIES: having just one process and doing the same thing over and over everyday makes work boring and stressful. Multiple streams of activities could help reduce boredom at work and make the work process easier to realize.
Steps in building a multiple streams income business.

HAVE A MAIN OR CENTRE BUSINESS IDEA OR PLAN: have a main business that will be a passive income means. This will be major business that you will build the other businesses on. It has to be up and running before you can consider generating alternative income streams from it.
THINK AND PEN DOWN ALTERNATIVE INCOME SOURCES: figure out other means of making money from your main business, pen them down and work towards initiating them.

FOCUS ON ALTERNATIVE INCOME SOURCES: once your main business is up and running, you can then focus on the alternative sources of income. It is mostly advisable to go a step at a time or a source at a time. Wait for one alternative source to be up and running before investing in another.
DROP UNREWARDING ALTERNATIVES: it is better not to waste time and energy on a venture that is not productive. If an alternative venture is not rewarding enough it is advisable you drop it. Don’t waste time on an unproductive venture, move to the next alternative venture if one is not working.

It is obviously more profitable to consider tapping into all the potentials a business venture has that can generate income. This is a major way to fully attain financial independence.