Many people have degrees in different disciplines but find it difficult to get a 9-5 job. It is mostly frustrating to be well learned but have nothing doing. However, most people in this category think less of other things they can do to make money and earn a living. Either you have a good paying job or not, running your own business might be the right step to financial freedom and earning a good living for yourself. There are many advantages and benefits associated with running a business of your own. You can never limit your potentials or think less of yourself while starting up a business. Most successful entrepreneurs never knew they would do so well when they started. For every business, there are potential customers who are willing to patronise you, regardless if it’s a brand new idea or a business that has being in existence for a long time. Starting a new business requires lots of hardwork and diligence. Most times, it is preferable to start small, gain experience and minimise the risk of losing too much.
Here are some of the benefits associated with starting your own business.
Influence on your income: as a business owner, you have privilege of determining how much you earn. Working for someone or a company always comes with limited income. Whereas when you are running your business, you become the sole determinant at how much you earn. The more your business thrives, the more you have access to earning.

Independence: running your business also gives the opportunity for independence and freedom. You decide your work hours per day and you are in control of your time. You not have laws binding you or someone bossing you around. You are free to manage and utilise your time to suit your desires.

Acquiring new skills: no matter how much you think you know, there are some skills you only get to acquire when you begin to do your own business. Mostly as a starter, you have to do so many things by yourself. From bookkeeping to financial recording to marketing and advertising. This will give you the opportunity to improve yourself in many areas you might not be previously familiar with.

Following your passion:  starting a business also gives you an opportunity to do your thing in a unique way. It helps turn your ideas into reality and help you achieve your goals in your own ways.

Specialisation and professionalism: becoming involved in all the processes of establishing a business gives you the ability to know more about every process involved and makes you a professional in your field when you finally succeed. This can even give opportunities for alternative careers like becoming a consultant or coach in the field.
Business is viable, either full time or part time. It gives opportunity for establishing oneself and becoming a boss of your own. Take a bold step and invest into something today. A country like Nigeria has a big market and opportunities that cannot be exhausted.