The act of cooking and providing culinary services started with so many caterers as a hobby and things they derive pleasure doing. Over time, these hobbies and services have served as a source of income and have liberated so many individuals and families. Outdoor catering is a way of providing consumables which are either cooked food of different delicacies, cakes and pastries, drinks and beverages.
Catering is a wide business venture and can be combined with other similar businesses. These businesses if managed adequately can make you financially independent in a short time. Event planning, interior decoration, ushering etc are other businesses that can be combined with catering services. You don’t necessarily have to be a jack of all trade, one can combine or form partnership with people in the other fields.
Catering service is not capital intensive and can even be started from home provided one is passionate and interested in providing this type of service. It is also a business that can be done as a side job provided one has other jobs.
Tips on how to start your own catering business.

Researches and trainings: as applicable to so many other business ventures, it is advisable to undergo a form of training with previously established entrepreneurs in this line of business. This helps to improve the passion and interest by having the managerial exposure and sales efficient skills needed to run the business successfully. Certification in this line of business also helps improve your resume and gives potential customers the assurance necessary to patronize you.

Specialization and specifications: when starting and establishing a catering business, it is always better to start on a small scale then grow gradually. It is advisable to choose a particular aspect of this business to focus on for a start then you can enlarge your business over time. One can choose to start with baking of cakes and pastries, just cooking of cuisines or making and selling of drinks. Then the three could be infused into the business over time.
Location: even though a catering business can be started from home, it is important to choose a good location when opening up a place. Office areas, institutions and locations not too far from the source of raw materials should be considered. Make your location safe and hygienic, make it neat and inviting. It is also important to get proper government approvals necessary to start up a catering service.

Getting of equipment: some basic equipment useful in catering includes Knives, Utensils Blender, Chopping boards, Food storage containers, Mixers, Pans spoons, Refrigerators, Freezer, Coolers, Cooling van, Dispensers, Oven, Microwaves, Table tops, Uniforms Gloves etc.

Employment of workers: to make your work process efficient and fast, you might need to hire extra hands to reduce stress and excess work load.

Catering business is profitable and can make a sustainable income means if executed efficiently.