Cold room business is any business that focuses on the provision of refrigeration for adequate preservations of some food products. This business venture is very lucrative with minimal capital needed and a little man power. It can serve as the major source of income for an individual. Cold room business can be divided into many parts, it could be the preservation of frozen livestock, ice creams and yoghurts or making of ice block for chilling cold drinks etc. the most popular of this business in Nigeria today is the preservation of livestock. This business if properly managed can make a business owner really financially empowered within a space of two years, depending on the scale at which the business was started.
How to start your own cold room business.

RESEARCHES AND BUSINESS SURVEY: if you want to invest in this line of business, it is important to do some researches within your environment, look for existing entrepreneur, find efficient means of getting your raw materials at good rates, make findings about the managerial requirements of the business and other vital information needed to start the business.
LOCATION: Your business location can either make you or mar you. You need to make sure you have a strategic location with few or no prior competitors to enable you make customers easily. The size of you space should also be enough to contain your business scale and have room for expansion.

DETERMINE PRODUCTS TO SELL: you need to be aware of lucrative food items and products that will sell quickly in the market before investing. It is no brainer that chicken, turkey and some specific type of fish sell better and faster compared to some other products. You need to invest more in products that would generate profit in a short time.
ALTERNATIVE POWER SUPPLY: in order to keep your products fresh and well preserved, it is important to have a constant source of power supply everyday of the year. This will help reduce business loss or reduction in the quality of your product to the barest minimum. Inadequate power supply can run you out of this business in no time.

BUSINESS REGISTRATION AND GOVERNMENT APPROVALS; since you will be dealing with consumable products, it is necessary to register your business and get approvals from appropriate government agencies.
ADVERTISING YOUR BUSINESS; adequate publicity and advertisement can help promote your business. The use of flyers, handbills, internet and even mouth to mouth method of advertising can go a long way in promoting your business.
Cold room business is a viable business in this part of the world as there is need for constant preservation of some types of food products before they are consumed.