Challenges Open Up Windows For Opportunities:  challenges are major roadmaps to success. Either a financial incompetent situation or a need to provide solutions to a problem, they gear you up to think out of the box. They give rise to opportunity to provide answers. It is more appropriate to see challenges as a means of creating values. Positive approaches towards finding solutions to challenges are more appropriate directions to take.
One Step At A Time, You Cannot Do It All In A Day: the concept of process and progress is a requirement in our daily thinking. It is essential to know nobody became successful overnight. Work towards achieving your goals daily. Give it time and energy. Every good achievement takes time to manifest.

Plans, Goals, Ideas.... You Have Done Nothing Until You Take Actions: it is almost normal to have dreams and aspirations. You can have the best ideas and make the right plans but until you start to take meaningful actions and steps towards the realisation of your goals, you haven’t really done anything.
Be Different,  Approach A Venture In A Different Way. Do What No One Else Is Doing: being different is a strategy towards uniqueness. You can do what many other people are doing but the ability to do it differently and creatively is the way to standout.

Face Your Fears, Nothing Turns Out As Scary As They Seems: it is normal to be scared at first. Successful entrepreneurs have all faced that, either while venturing into something new or upgrading the level of something you have already been involved in, especially capital intensive ventures. It is normal to have fears and worries. Don’t ever let them limit you. Overcome your fears and go in the direction of your goals.
Appreciate People, Be Respectful: Cultivate the habit of being appreciative, either to other colleagues or junior staffs, appreciate your team and be positive. Learn to treat people that seem of no value to you with respect.

Listen More, Speak Less: either as an entrepreneur or as a worker. The habit of listening is a virtue. Speak diligently only when necessary. Avoid saying the wrong things just because of the need to speak.

Live Your Life Your Way Even though Its Okay To Care About What Other People Have To Say ; it’s important to be yourself, live your life in the way that best suits you. Its okay to listen to criticism and opinions but it’s never okay to lose yourself while trying to satisfy someone else.

The Desire for Perfection Is Understandable but No Product or Service Is Perfect: there is always the desire to be the best among peers and have a perfect product but it is almost never possible to achieve this.  Work hard, do your best, be contented and let it go.
Figure Out Your Mistakes, Try Harder Do Better: Be aware that mistakes are inevitable. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Encourage yourself to be better.

Hardwork And Persistence: Be persistence, hardwork is the key to spontaneous success. Keep putting efforts and don’t get discouraged. It pays off eventually.
Be Satisfied, Appreciate What You Have Achieved:  Always strive for more but never forget that the things you have are more valuable than the things you hope for.