Real estate business is one of the many ways of making a massive income in a developing country like Nigeria. Literally, real estate business involves the buying, selling and renting of houses, buildings, lands or generally saying immovable properties. This is a high risk, yet lucrative business that can be ventured into. There are many ways to make money in real estate business today. Having the right knowledge and business orientation is a way to tap into real estate business.
Real Estate Business Categorising includes:

DEVELOPERS: this is a category of business owners who acquire lands. They construct and develop various types of properties on them and resell to aspiring buyers. This is a very profitable category of real estate business, though it requires a huge sum of business capital. It is very lucrative and lots of profits can be made in this process.
AGENCY AND BROKERAGE: this category of people in the business stands as intermediary between property owners and potential clients. Little capital can start this sort of business. This aspect of the business requires good networking skills, being influential and the ability to advertise and publicise properties very well. Agents and brokers make good money off most properties they handle for leasing and buying.

MANAGEMENT AND LEGAL CONSULTANCY: management and maintenance of property is another way to go in real estate business. Advising property owners on the right way to maximize their properties and maintaining a steady cash flow on these properties is another business side of real estate.
BLOGGING AND INTERNET ADVERTISING: the use of the internet to advertise properties, communication about certain real estate issues, creating awareness to the general public about real estate businesses, discussion of real estate problems and solutions, creation of interactive medium between business owners and clients and lots more are some of the other ways of making money from real estate.

MAGAZINES AND JOURNALS: the publishing of magazines and journals for advertising various real estate is another way of earning an income in real estate business.
SURVEYING: the services of surveyors are always required in the development of real estate properties. This is another means of earning good income in real estate business.

INTERIOR DESIGNING: Many of the real estate properties requires the need of organising and beautifying the interiors of the structures before they can be considered fit for renting, leasing or buying. They mostly add value to properties. Establishing an interior designing business is a considerable money making source in real estate.
ARCHITECTURE: the drawing of building plans before constructions is handled by architects. This is another way to make money in real estate. Coming up with creative designs and the use of modern day applications to project these designs is an efficient way to carry out architecture. You do not necessarily need a degree in this field to be able to venture into it. Having the right experience and technological skill is a way to go.

MOBILE apps: the development of mobile application and software is another way to make money in real estate business. This is more popularly used by banks in the recent times. Application of skill such as this can also make money for software developers in real estate. This is aimed at bringing real estate business owners and potential clients closer.
Consider any of these aspects of real estate for business and you could have a good career and sustainable income source in a matter of years. Real estate business is real and rewarding regardless of how you choose to come in.