Dry cleaning service is one of the most lucrative ventures in a country like Nigeria, it is a business that can turn your thousands into millions, if handled and managed properly. Dry cleaning business can be managed by anyone and can be started in a place as small as a backyard. A good inter personal relation and good communication skill is very important for services like this. It is necessary to have business plans and the proposed market targets and other aspects of services like packaging and deliveries. 
Tips on how to start your dry cleaning business.
Location: Having a good location is one of the determinants for a successful business. The access to continuous water supply is another crucial aspect that must be well catered for before the commencement of the business.

Equipment: Necessary equipment needed for this business include a washing machine, dryers, appropriate types of irons, shelves, wide tables for ironing, industrial fans, buckets brushes, garment conveyor etc in sizes depending on the scale of production.

Ingredients: Having the necessary equipments limits the regular purchase of ingredients to laundry detergents, nylons for packaging, starch and fuel for generator. This reduces the expenses for every day work.
Advertising: The effect of advertising in businesses cannot be over emphasized, the use of the internet, banners, posters and handbills would do so much in the creation of awareness for people far and wide and eventually increase the business turn over in a massive way. Promotions and bonuses could also help attract and retain customers.

With the right business attitude, dry cleaning can be a financially liberating venture to consider.