Time has changed, internet has made so many things easy. You can now market your goods and services for free via the internet. You do not need so much money to do this. Having the necessary knowledge and understanding of how to go about marketing your business online is probably the basic requirement to do this efficiently. Below are some of the basic ways to market your business online.
ONLINE WEBSITE: it is almost very compulsory for every business to add the ‘e’ side to it. In this age and time, your business cannot achieve its optimum goal if you do not market yourself via the internet. Developing your own website is a start for marketing any business online.

OPTIMIZING YOUR SITE: develop your website in such a way that it would appear very high on search engine results. Making your site filled with relevant words to your business is a trick in generating traffic on your website.

BLOGGING: consistency is crucial when running your online business. Create awareness about what you do. Keep people in the loop and informed about your business without boring them.
SOCIAL MEDIA: have social media fronts for your business, this is also an easy way to market your business online. Create facebook pages, twitter pages etc, keep people in the loop of your business and make yourself active and available to run not only the conventional aspect of your business, but also the online aspect. Don’t limit the use of your social media to entertainment and communication alone. Use this medium in promoting your business.

YOUTUBING: you can also make use to the video engines in publicizing your business.
INTERACTIONS AND REVIEWS: reacting to reviews and answering questions online related to your business, in other words operating a good feedback mechanism is a way of improving your relevance business wise. You can go as far as having the telephone conversation medium. This can help build the internet aspect of your business in no time

OFFLINE PROMOTION OF YOUR WEBSITE: the use of printed letter head papers with your website, business cards, handbills, magazines, newspapers etc is another way to promote your website hence your business at the end of the day.