Generally speaking, events range from celebrations, promotions, educations and commemorations. Nigeria of today has moved to a higher level in regards to event hosting and planning. People spend thousands of naira, even millions in hosting nice societal occasions. There are different aspects in event planning and many profitable services that could be rendered. Finding a service you can render for events is a potential means of poverty alleviation and financial sustainability.

There are various types of services that could be rendered at an event, depending on the magnitude and choices of the planner.
Considerable event services include;

Photography: Being a freelance photographer is not such a bad idea. Events are good means of exhibiting your creativity and skills. Hiring a co worker or assistant wouldn’t be such a bad idea to make your work better and have good quality.
Mobile disc jockey (DJ): if you are a DJ, events would definitely be your niche. Getting opportunities for your services would be the only bone of contention to focus on.

Event planning services: people always need helps of professionals here and there when planning for an event. If you have affinity for coordination and organisation, this is a type of business to consider.
Car rental services: with just a nice modern car, you can start a car rental services for occasions. People need nice cars for transporting of couples at weddings, families at burials etc. if you can advertise your business and make the right connections. You can have a lucrative business in no time.

Video coverage services: there is always the flare to capture moments and revisit them later. Video recording service is a lucrative business if ventured into.

Make up and head gear tying: this is another recent yet lucrative business. Women, artists and people generally would pay any amount to look good and radiant for different occasions. Being able to render services like this has made many people financially independent.