Are you thinking of investing in a lucrative business that can make you financially independent? Do you have what it takes to be self employed and be a boss of your own? Are you looking for other income flow channels aside from what you do presently? Here are 5 flourishing sectors you can consider for investment in the year 2016.

AGRI-BUSINESS: The agriculture potential of this nation can never be fully tapped into. Despite how blessed Nigeria is with good soil and favourable weather for plantation of numerous types of crops, we still import so many food products. The enormous population of Nigeria has made available the proper medium for marketing of agricultural products. There are potential businesses in the following aspects of the sector
Livestock and animal husbandry business.
Farm produce trading and transportation.
Development of farm equipment and machinery.
Planting of food and cash crops
Food processing and preservation using agriculture products as raw materials.
Timber and wood processing business.

EXPORT BUSINESS: This is another sector with huge business opportunities, Nigeria is blessed with many agro and mineral resources. Many of these minerals are underutilised while many haven’t even been discovered at all. Many Nigerians are not aware of the potentials of the export sector in respect to revenue generation. Agricultural commodities like cocoa, cashew nut, pea nuts, charcoal etc are non oil export products that have the potentials of generating revenue for business owners. Non-oil export sector investment is lucrative, it would give opportunities for employment, help improve the economy and increase the nation’s relevance in the world economically. It is liberating for people to discover ways of generating income from export.

EDUCATION SECTOR: Yearly, Nigeria produces thousands of graduates. This is a proof that the education sector is a saturated sector in the country. This sector if well utilised can contribute so much to the economy. Potential businesses include;
Organisation of tutorials
Writing and publishing of books
Establishing crèche and schools.
Transportation and sales of stationeries.
Printing and selling of past questions and answers
Private tutoring and many more.

RENDERING OF SERVICES: This is another sector with so much potential in income generation if adequately executed. Rendering of services can never go out of business. People would always need a thing or the other done which they cannot do themselves. Opportunities
in service rendering sector includes;
Event centre rentals
Dry cleaning services
Car wash services
Event planning services
Interior and exterior decoration services.

e-business: e-business is the most recent and likely the most lucrative sector in the world of today. This is because there is an e to almost every other existing sector. e-business is a diverse sector with various job opportunities to choose from. e-business is the future of business and thus has an increased potential of regularly coming up with innovative, more interesting aspects to be explored. Some of the specializations available in e-business include cyber strategic planning, specializations can be specific to the customer-related field or it can be related to different sectors like the government or public sector and the private sector. There are subsectors in e-business which include;
telecommunication etc.
Every of these sectors have numerous opportunities that can be channelled to make money.