The education sector is one of the biggest sectors in Nigeria. Millions of students graduate from the primary schools, secondary schools and universities yearly. The contribution of this sector to the economy cannot be over emphasized. Many small business aspirers are not even well enlightened on the numerous ways they can make money from the education sector. There are many ways an entrepreneur can come into the sector and make money.

MANUFACTURING / SALES OF WRITING MATERIALS: The manufacturing, printing and selling of exercise books, notepads and other related writing materials is a feasible business that can generate good income if done properly. Targeting the right timing, that is towards the resumption period is a good strategy to do this business successfully.
CHALKS / MARKERS PRODUCTION AND SALES: There is always demand for these writing materials from primary education up to the tertiary level. Becoming an expert in an area like this could be a good business to venture into. Acquiring the major skills in their production could be an advantage because this gives you an edge by making you a manufacturer and possibly a distributor, being a distributor alone is not so bad a business venture itself.

 TUTORIALS AND EXTRA MORALS: Over time, there has always been need for students to learn more outside the classroom. In most cases, regular teachings are never enough. This has made the extra morals and tutorials an embraced venture in the country. Parents and guardians would pay as much as possible for their wards to get necessary knowledge. Publishing of tutorial manuals, organising extra morals are ways to impact knowledge and make money alongside.
ORGANISING EDUCATIVE PROGRAMMES: organising radio and television educative programs, quiz and debates and so many other educative initiatives is another approach to making money in the education sector. Having schools involved in your programs and creating awareness for what you do is the major hardwork for this form of business. You will end up impacting in students and still make money alongside.

VOCATIONAL TRAININGS:  There is need to create awareness for improvement in the acquisition of vocational skills in a country like Nigeria. It is important to know that learning of theories at schools is not enough. Acquisition of vocational skills alongside the conventional education is the way to go. This is sure to help improve productivity and economy. Having a focus on this aspect of the education sector is rewarding and lucrative. Partnering up with well experienced skilful people and schools is a way to approach an impacting business like such.
These few business opportunities if duly considered can alleviate poverty and make one a financially independent entrepreneur in no time.