You do not necessarily need to have a conventional centre to run a business successfully. Business can be done even from the corners of you room. Here are some ways to run a business without even running a store.
CRAFT SHOWCASE:  channelling a specific audience is a good way to run a business. Attending trade fairs, special events like school inter-house sports, organised trainings is a good way of showcasing your goods and services for free and giving people the opportunity to partake of your business.

ONLINE STORE: running an online store is one of the easiest ways to run a business in the world of today. Placing of orders and good delivery systems is the way to go, you do not necessarily need to run an offline store to satisfy your customers. 
DISTRIBUTORSHIP: being a distributor is another way to get your products across to the market without running a store. You might not make as much profit as you would if you run a point of sale system but this method is efficient for distributing a large number of goods at a time.

SOCIAL MEDIA: opening up a facebook page, twitter etc is another good way to promote and attract audience for your product. Social media is good for advertising and reaching out to large audience at a time.
ONLINE VENDORS: Jumia, Konga , Amazon and so many more are online vendors that have made mega millions from online sales. This is another way to run a successful business without running a conventional store.