Export business can be easier than so many people think especially when you operate as an export merchant. You don’t need to own everything you would need in the process of exporting. As an exporter it is not necessary you have everything you need to function or even complete a transaction. Below are some of the tips describing how easy export business can be.
You do not need to own containers: the shipping line you are using will provide you with empty containers to use for your transactions. With the help of a freight forwarder, after booking with a shipping line, they will make empty containers available which you can pick up and use for your transaction.

You do not need to own a warehouse: you can always rent a warehouse per transaction. There are several warehouses available for renting temporarily. You can rent these spaces for 2-3 weeks depending on the kind of arrangement you have. Prices could range from 10,000- 30,000 per transaction.

You do not need to be a manufacturer: you do not have to be a producer or a manufacturer to be able to export. You can operate as an export merchant. You do not need to own any product. You just need to be an expert at sourcing and exporting. This is quite flexible and easy to achieve.
You do not need to own a factory: except in a situation whereby you manufacture your own goods, you don’t need to own factories to be an exporter. All that you are required to do is identify sourcing points where you can get the products you need in commercial quantity. After which you can source and export.

You do not need a large number of staff: export can be very flexible, you can decide to have a large number of staff if you can afford to but in reality, even with two staff you can operate an efficient export business. As an export merchant who sources for products in different places, it is easier to find labour at your sourcing point. It is therefore flexible as you only pay per work done and it is only when you need their services you request and pay for it. This makes it easier and cheaper to operate as an exporter. Also, when you have an office or outlet you only need two or three staff to manage the office efficiently. It is not compulsory you have a large number of staff. Mostly you need a manager and maybe a personal assistant depending on you and how you choose to structure your business but you can also choose to expand as you grow.
You do not need to run around the port area: every exporter needs the help of a freight forwarder. The freight forwarder does the running around within the port area. They connect with customs, shipping lines and different other agencies involved. They are also responsible in assisting you with the various documents you need like your BL, Certificate of origin, SGD etc.
 Export business is flexible unlike the way many people would perceive it. You do not spend millions in getting your own warehouse and other things as people would comfortably think. You can start an export business easily and comfortably without too many money consuming or stressful processes.