Here are some of the tips applicable to business starters.
PLANNING: take your time to plan a proposed business, never be too hasty to start up. Research and read thoroughly about an aspiring business. Write your business plan and goals.

GET HELP: it is important to know you can’t get it all done alone. Ask for help from people that are already in that line of business. Seek opinions and ideas.
MARKET SURVEY: when starting a business, it is important to do a market survey and know who your potential customers are. Know how to operate a good feedback mechanism. Know who you are selling to and how to contact them online and offline.

BE CLEAR ON YOUR RATES: it is better to have good quality products for customers than go lower on your standard and quality. Keeping your business afloat while you give your customers value for their money is the most important business goal.
CONSISTENCE AND CONTINUITY: running a business isn’t an easy thing. There would be tough choices to make, critics and disappointments. It is necessary to know there would be challenges. Consistency and perseverance is the attitude to put up to ensure your business succeeds eventually.