Ice cream can be considered as the most popular nutritious beverage in the world. Most children and many adults are daily consumers of ice cream. Recently, many companies have risen in this sector even in the developing countries like Nigeria. A cup of ice cream could cost as much as 1500 naira depending on the company’s brand and the quality of the ice cream. Starting up an ice cream outlet is of course a profitable business if you are familiar with the sector. This is a considerable business for unemployed youths as it is not capital intensive and can be started on a small scale.
Tips for starters.
RESEARCHES: read and get information about the business and what it entails. If possible consider an internship and gather valuable knowledge useful to start your own trade.

BRANDING: This type of business has many existing brands and varieties of qualities. Branding yourself is a right approach if you are going to thrive well in this line of trade.
QUALITY: due to the fact that there are so many pre existing brands in this business, you have to devise a way to make yourself different and unique. Have your own unique secret ingredients, new taste and fascinating flavours that would attract customers and keep them coming. Creativity is a key to success in this line of business.

ADVERTISING: getting the word out there about a business like this is a trick to increasing your market value. Make yourself a household name by using every available means of advertisement to get the word out there about yourself. As children are the best fans of ice creams, considering children friendly ads wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

There is enough room for newbie in businesses as such, the economy is huge enough for every business to thrive well. If you have a good experience in a business like this and have creative insights on how to make it big doing it, you should consider establishing your business now more than ever.