Many entrepreneurs own small businesses but find it hard to take their businesses to the next level. Some marketing initiatives and strategies that would help level up to where they ought to be or aspire to be are just missing.  Most times little extra effort in the right direction is what is required to make major progress in a business.
Delivery: It is not enough to own a small business in the world of today. Having delivery services or being able to take your product or services to clients is a step towards been better than your competitors. Delivery system is one of the strategies an upcoming business venture can use to attract and retain clients. The ability to be flexible and easy mobility is a something no one would complain about paying a little extra for. Having a delivery system is a good approach to upgrading any small business venture.

Documenting: As many small business owners would not consider necessary, documenting is crucial for any business that is working towards advancement. It is important to keep records of clients so as to have a means to communicating with customers for future deal references. Every potential customer is important. Send mails occasionally to keep you in the mind of your clients.

Advertising: never assume your business is too small to publicise or to tell people about. Advertising is a strategy that can turn thousands to millions and that can make your business grow even within a little pace of time. Never underestimate avenues like social media, pamphlet, flyers etc. get the word out there, let people know what you do. It’s all coming back to bring the right clients for you.
Bonuses: To whom much is given, much is expected. No business is too small to appreciate clients. Make your customers feel good for patronising you and show them a feeling of love and appreciation. You would be surprised how loyal clients can be when they get treatments like this.

Feedback mechanism: every business needs a feedback system. Find a way to stay in touch with your clients and be sure they were satisfied with your services. Find a way to answer questions and help solve problems. This will keep your customer base intact and loyal.