Oil palm is one of the agricultural produce that many people don’t pay attention to but which is a very lucrative business that can be ventured into. Palm oil is the red oil extract from palm fruit and it is regarded as the world best cooking oil as it is low in cholesterol and healthier for cooking compared to vegetable oil. Money can be made from palm oil both locally and internationally. Ignorance about this field of business has restricted so many people from venturing into it since growing a palm tree does not take so much time as people generally think and some species do not even take more than 2 years to mature.                                 Steps in setting up your palm oil plantation farm.
Land acquisition: the western and eastern parts of Nigeria have lands suitable for oil palm farming, good land location with good access to the market is also an important consideration when choosing a land. Good methods of land preparation should also be used in preparation of the land for plantation.

Planting of seeds: it is advisable to get the high yield seeds when planting. Lots of researches are to be done in this aspect as to know various necessary farm practices, how long it takes for every stage of the cultivation and necessary methods of improving the quality of harvest at the end of the day.

Harvesting: two years into investing in the planting of palm oil trees, harvesting can commence and one of the advantages of this plantation is that re planting is not required and only maintenance and re-harvesting is done continually, over the period of few years, one would have made much more than the capital invested at the onset.
With proper skills and knowledge, income can be made from the investment of oil palm farming and there is the opportunity for employment of labour and making an impact in the community. Palm oil can be used domestically, commercially and even serve as export product to other countries.