Packaged water is a lucrative business venture in Nigeria. The population is also an advantage when considering the target market. The demand for packaged water ranges from schools, offices, homes, events and even roadside consumers. Venturing into packaged water business is financially liberating if done with the right skills.    STARTERS TIPS.
Source of water: The most important raw material is obviously a good source of water which is efficient day in day out all season of the year. Borehole water supply is the most efficient water supply source in Nigeria.

Packaging Supplies: good supply of bottles and sachet is very important depending on how you intend to package your product.

Water treatment: machines used for water treatment are also essential and adequate approved water processing standards should be considered when treating water for commercial purposes.
Other machines: essential for processing include sealers, filtering machines etc. depending on the scale of production and the quality of the products.

Storage facilities: it is important to have temporary storage for water before being passed for treatment and packaging. A form of reservoir could be made available to preserve water before processing but it should be neat and not easily contaminated.
Government approval: it is also necessary to get essential approvals from agencies in charge of giving license and approval for the sale of certain products, NAFDAC in the case of consumable products in Nigeria. There is also need to take precautions and safety measures in the work or production area.

With every requirement fulfilled and necessary equipment assembled, a packaged water business is likely never to go wrong. This is a business considerable for entrepreneurs who are already established in the consumable product business and even fresh business starters who have all it takes to do the business efficiently.