There are some businesses that would make you passive income. Passive income are earnings from limited partnership or enterprises one is not materially involved in. Passive income require upfront investment and probably some follow up in the beginning but later on, the business starts to generate money without much effort. Literally, you can consider passive investment as the income you earn while you do nothing. Passive income opportunities are financially liberating especially for people who make good money but have little time to invest in active businesses. Passive income streams unlike active businesses always require some capital investment and a period of time before it starts to generate revenue. These streams if eventually productive can keep generating substantial amount of money even beyond a lifetime.
 Here are some passive income stream ideas you can consider to invest it.

BUYING OF STOCK: this is an excellent way to make passive income. If you invest continuously into a reliable stock market, you are likely to make a huge amount from dividends from time to time. This means of investment has made so many people wealthy. You should research well about stock market and the right ways to invest before putting your money into it.
REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT: this is another good passive income means. People make so much money from real estate from time to time. Real estate income can be in form of buying shares from reliable real estate companies. This method is less stressful and doesn’t get you involved in every process. Another means of making money from real estate is investing into your own properties. This means requires attention and time at the beginning but eventually starts to generate huge income continuously.

LICENSED ENTERTAINMENT MATERIALS: this is a way of making passive income from intellectual properties. Music, videos, pictures etc are materials you can develop, get license for and continue to earn proceeds on when someone or a body decides to use it. This is another easy way to earn money continuously without continuous effort.
DEVELOPING YOUR OWN APPLICATIONS: online application development is also a good way to earn residual income. Many people have bright ideas of developing their own applications but might not know how to make money from it. Making your own application and selling it on the application store is a good way of making money continuously and effortlessly.

CONTENT PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: if you are skilled in a field or profession and you are thinking of ways of making passive income in your area of expertise, you can consider developing a content product. These products would require efforts and hardwork at first, but once you are able to put something unique and valuable together, it is possible for it to continue to generate income for you for a very long period of time. This is one of the easiest ways to benefit from passive income.
AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENTS: planting of cash crops like trees, cocoa can also be considered as passive or semi passive income sources. At first it seems to take some efforts to invest into acquisition of land and planting of crops but eventually over a period of time, this efforts starts to make money without so much work to be done. Investing into planting of cash crops and renting or leasing of agricultural equipment could be considered for making money continuously although a little maintenance might be required sometimes.

Passive income sources are real and have created many millionaires in the past. Investing wisely and rightly might be the only thing to do and you could watch your thousands become multi millions eventually.