ACTIONS OVER PLANS AND IDEAS:  It is never enough to have plans and ideas, taking meaningful steps towards achieving your goals are the right attitude to possess. Not getting easily distracted and stay focus is the right way to go.

DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF: There are always going to be competitors, figure out your strength and make yourself stand out. Being different creates uniqueness amongst the crowd. This is the edge you have over your competitors.

TENACITY: Be conscious of the fact that nothing good comes easy. Perseverance and persistence are the common determinants for success. Keeping at something even when it seems like it’s never going to work is the major prerequisite for success.

KEEP LEARNING: Either you fail or succeed at something, there are always lessons to be learnt. Keeping an open mind, taking the bold steps and paying attention to every detail is important. You never can guess how much you can learn in a little time.

BEING DECISIVE: Don’t be timid, don’t second guess yourself, and don’t assume you cannot achieve it. No one was born either a success or a failure. It is the path chosen that produces result.

KNOW YOUR IMPORTANCE: It is hardly ever possible to be an influence in people’s lives without being with yourself. Know that you matter, work hard on yourself. You are the starting point of the impact you are going to make on someone else.