Rabbit rearing is a lucrative livestock farming and one of the untapped financial relieves. There are many advantages associated with rabbit rearing and if practiced efficiently, it could be a source of good income to a business owner.

Advantages and benefits of rabbit rearing
They are low in fat and caloric intake compared to other livestock
The meat in rabbit is of higher quality having low saturated fat, low cholesterol thereby reducing its susceptibility to diseases.

They are also useful as laboratory samples in carrying out experiments.

They have low feed consumption rate thereby reducing the cost of production.

They can survive in little provided space for rearing.
They can also be reared in small scale with little capital needed

It is a good source of income.
Depending on your scale, you can go for either of the two breeding methods, which is the use of deep littering method or the use of a properly constructed cage.

Breeding: Rabbits breed within 5-6 months but it is preferable to use matured male rabbits for breeders. This helps to improve the offspring quality.
Feeding: it is important that the rabbits are fed regularly. Their diets should compose of roughages and herbs which is essential for growth and development. Containers for food and water should be cleaned regularly to prevent infection.

Health and diseases: it is important to have a regular check for difference in behaviours dirty or standing ears, swollen eyes and nose, activeness, scabies and rashes etc, professional help should be seek immediately if any of this is noticed.
Profit generation: marketing can be done locally by creating awareness in one’s area or environment. Inter breeding can be done with other farmers in similar line of trade which can also generate income. More income can also be generated by introducing other starters to the business, selling of feed to other farmers etc.
Rabbit business can be considered for livestock farmers and people considering going into farming for business. It is viable and profitable if ventured into rightly.