Importation is one the hot businesses in this era. Almost every nation imports one product or the other from other countries. This has helped over the years to generate more income for the exporting nation and create a mutual relationship between countries that imports and exports from other countries. Here are some of the reasons why people import.
Availability of products: there are some products you can’t make or grow in your country no matter how rich you are. Environmental factors and different weather conditions favours the production and accessibility of certain products in some regions over other regions. Identification of products available excessively in other regions and which are limited on the home front is a good way to start reasoning when considering import business.

Prices: some product could be produced within the country but could be favourable regarding prices if imported from other countries. These types of products are favourable for import market. E.g, Chinese toys, Japanese electronics etc.
Cachet: some products are being distinguished by their producing countries. More of an image and prestige thing. Example is German beer, French perfume, Egyptian cotton etc. Even if produced at home, these products always seem classier and more acceptable when imported from those reputable places.

Efficiency and quality of manufacture: some products which are being produced even in some countries are sometimes also imported from other countries. This is because these products are better produced in the countries they are being imported from. The availability of more efficient technological knowhow, better raw materials and massive man power accessibility are some of the reasons behind the manufacturing of more efficient products.
Import business is lucrative and profitable. It has made many people who have figured out how to satisfy a societal need in one way or the other financially independent. You can make lots of money from import business if you invest smartly and diligently.