A loaf of bread is one of the cheapest and most affordable food to put on the table. Millions of breads are consumed daily all over the world. Bread is generally accepted by most people in the world and this has made running a bakery one of the productive businesses you can consider to venture into. As far as the bakery business is concerned, you can never run out of customers. There are now different varieties and flavours of bread produced and consumed daily on a commercial quantity.                            
Requirements for starting up a bakery.
Researches and trainings: it is recommended to get familiar with a business you want to invest in. Read more and learn more about the business. find out about the business from already existing business owners. This will give you a clear view and idea of what you are getting into.

Location: your business location is an important factor on the success of your business. It is preferable to consider an accessible location for potential customers. Avoid an environment with many competitors.

License and Registration: as bread is a consumable food, it is necessary to register your company with the appropriate food agencies in charge.
Capital: bakery business is an averagely capital intensive kind of business. Money is needed in most of the processes required. You might need to pay up rent or buy the bakery location, capital is also necessary for buying equipment and ingredient and for the day to day running of the business.

Equipment: you will also need to get the basic equipment needed to have a functioning bakery business. They could be capital intensive for a start, they are mostly durable equipment. All they would need subsequently is adequate maintenance. Ingredients needed for daily production is also to be considered. Equipment needed include: Oven, slicer, mixer, pans in various sizes, kneading machine, Generator (if necessary) etc.

Hiring of workers: running a bakery business is not a one man job. There is need for hiring of labour both for the baking processes and also the business management. There could also be need for hiring of more hands for the distribution processes.
Setting up a bakery is a viable business especially in a country like Nigeria. You can never run out of customers and you would also have an opportunity to be a boss and an employer of labour.