In recent times, the pace of job growth in IT world has increased massively. The knowledge and efficiency of some simple skills can earn you a good living. So many organisations need IT skilled personnel to run mostly all the day to day activities of their company. You mostly do not need a degree to acquire and be efficient in these professions even though they are technically high skills. Here are some of those simple skills that can earn you a living.

WEB DESIGNING: this is a skill associated with website development and maintenance. If you have ideas and interest in IT, you can learn and get trained in web designing. Being creative and promoting your service to clients that are willing to pay is a lucrative way to earn a living.
GRAPHIC ARTIST: this is the use of computer knowledge and designs in the creation of media adverts and various internet platforms. This optimum application of a skill such as this can make one financially dependent.

DIGITAL MARKETING SKILLS: application of skills such as knowledge of web behaviours, device engagement, growing and management of traffic, data visualisation, basic coding and video production can be a way of earning good living.
PROGRAMMER/ SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: this is involves the use of different programming skills, documenting and testing in the creation of software products. This skill is of high value in the world of today. Software can be developed for different purposes,  it could be for personal purpose, business or commercial purposes. Being an expert in a field like this is a very good way of earning a living.

e-BOOK WRITING SKILLS: if you have good writing skills or have passion for writing, you can make money from writing either for an organisation or as a freelance writer. This business has helped many people become financially independent.