Save as much as possible: saving is a habit that should be cultivated if one is working towards financial stability. No amount or income is too little to save from. Deprive yourself of pleasure and fun, skip a meal if possible. Just make sure you have something somewhere for the raining day.
Increase your savings as your income increases: if you learn to save more when you have a little extra, you are working towards never lacking. A little extra savings will never hurt your regular budget.

Choose the right type of investment: so many people lose money by investing in the wrong venture. Invest in a venture that has high certainty of thriving.  Don’t throw your money into something you don’t believe in or where your heart isn’t.
Avoid unnecessary spending: it is important to know how to spend your money. Many people spend so much unproductively. Don’t make unnecessary withdrawals and avoid making your savings fully accessible. Discipline yourself and be prudent with your money.

Use loan as a last resort: having opportunities to loans can either make or mar you. Many people get loans they are not financially capable of returning within the stipulated time. This cripples most of their life processes and makes their situation worse than where they began. Use loan as a last resort and don’t request for amount you won’t be likely to pay back.

Create an action plan against the future: it is never too early to plan for retirement. Make provision for the future. Consider lucrative business ventures that can earn you money. Try getting an alternative income means.

Consider the tips above and improve your day to day way of living. Learn to maximize every income you make and liberate yourself from living in penury.