Snail farming is one of the untapped income sources for an average Nigerian. It is one of the neglected yet very lucrative means of earning a profitable living. Snail farming has numerous advantages, it is a highly demanded food product all over the world, it is highly nutritious and has a high protein value. It takes a short period of time to breed.  It is an under explored venture mostly in Nigeria which is one of the countries with the best weather condition for the breeding of snails. It is a sort of business venture suitable for retirees and even unemployed youths. It is a less stressful venture with no issues of foul animal odor, reactions or stress. It is highly nutritious and considered a high value delicacy especially in this part of the world.
Snail business unlike many people would think is a business that can be done within a confined area and can generate massive income over a short period of time. It should be observed that snails are more acquainted to less windy environment and their feeding is majorly on green leaves and fruits and probably calcium needed for the growth of shell which is mostly obtained from the soil. The snail shelter could be in form of dug soil. Prevention from escaping can be done with the use of wires. Snails thrive better in dark and humid environment. It is important to wait until maturity before selling of snails to increase market value.