Production of soap is a very good business to venture into in Nigeria. It is a kind of business that is not capital intensive and can easily be started on a small scale. It can spin in massive turnovers within a short period of time, thereby giving opportunity for financial breakthrough and a means of being your own boss with a very little technological skill. Soaps serve multipurpose functions in everybody’s daily activities ranging from their use for bathing, laundry purposes and even commercial uses. This makes the demand for soaps a continuously rising one. The market for good soaps cannot be exhausted and one can make a good living by investing into a productive business like this. One other advantage of venturing into this business is the ability to start up even on a very small scale and with a little capital. You can start in a place as small as a store or a room in your house. It should just be noted that chemicals used in this line of business are very corrosive and it is therefore necessary to take necessary precautions to prevent hazards or accidents. Making one’s product of high quality can also increase sales and demand and give one’s product edge over products that have been in the market before.

CAPITAL: It is important to have a sum of money to start up with, depending on the scale at which one is starting up on.
EQUIPMENT: Necessary equipments needed has to be made available. There is need for equipments like molders, trimmers, cutters and even stamps for labelling.

SAFETY AND PRECAUTION: Necessary precaution should be taking in the work area to prevent accident; use of gloves, provision of fire extinguishers etc cannot be over emphasized.

INGREDIENTS: some chemicals and materials involved in soap making include.. lye, essential oils, colorings, fragrance, water, depending on your specifications
MARKETING: it is important to put effort into distribution of your products and creating awareness for your products. This will help increase the demand on your products and also improve your profit. Other means of marketing like digital marketing can also be applicable.

Soap making and selling is one of the small scale businesses to consider if you are thinking of starting your own business.